7 Reasons Don T Have Energy To Live Life

7 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Energy to Live Life
It’s the weekend. The sun is up. It’s a good day to do fun stuff. Maybe a long walk with the dog, visiting your favorite cousins, or probably hiking? But wait, that’s not really you talking. That’s just someone that’s not you. The real you is slumped down on the bed, whether it’s the lack of will or energy that’s causing it, you’re not sure. There’s just this voice on your mind that won’t go away – ‘I am so tired’.
When your constant lack of energy affects your social life and just life in general, it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself – ‘why is this happening to me?’ Then you actually find out what’s happening to you. The first step is to really analyze how you’re spending your days.
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Loading yourself with carbs
We understand your fascination of salty foods and of any other foods that are readily available in fast foods and convenience stores. On the other hand, junk foods take its toll on so many ways but remarkably by making you feel exhausted. This is because your body utilizes a significant amount of energy processing carbs, which makes you tired and sluggish after you’ve eaten a whole bag of salty chips. This is also true after eating heavy meals in which you feel like you want to take a nap because you’re tired.
2. You’re missing out on exercises
If you’re not used to making any physical efforts then your body will easily tire from even as easy as minimal movements. By working out regularly, you give your body more energy by releasing endorphins. It will also develop your muscles as you continue this healthy habit. Don’t you want to accomplish so many things without feeling as much as tired as
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Relying on coffee all day for energy boost will eventually backfire as it’s just going to drain the aforementioned hormones, resulting to exhaustion. Reduce your coffee consumption daily and have water as a replacement instead.
6. You have a nutrient deficiency
Essentially when you lack some nutrients in your body then it will really show. That’s why FDA recommends five servings of fruits and veggies daily. Doing so secures energy as your body receives all the vital nutrients it needs. For instance, magnesium deficiency can always make you feel drowsy. Good thing there are natural remedies such as eating dark green veggies, and kidney beans, among others.
7. You’re overly stressed
Stress is part of everyone’s daily life and somehow each one finds a way to cope. But too much stress can be a different story and this might cause you severe exhaustion. This is because the brain utilizes a huge amount of energy when stressed. When this happens adrenalin is released. Unfortunately you need the adrenaline for yourself, so try to manage stress to avoid feeling lethargic. Meditation and breathing techniques can be valuable solutions to stress that you should consider trying if you’re finding it harder to deal with your

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