Pope John XXI

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  • The Boardwalk Muse: A Short Story

    to the ends of my Earth. The early summertime dew had a perfume of light magic that hung in the air like the fireflies that danced in and out of my vision. Pounding against the decrepit boards, my bare feet were getting tired from the running I was doing, but I couldn 't stop now. John was waiting for me near the ocean at the end of the lane, our little spot. Nothing more than a puny fishing hole, our "ocean" was a special muse no one knew about except me and John. Wandering home after school one day, I was fourteen and he was fifteen when we first found it. Through the years, this shelter of sorts became the regular meeting place for me and…

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  • Martin Luther Humor Analysis

    as the phenomenon of suddenly and gleefully viewing someone or something as inferior” (Mallinson, par.5) In other words, the humorists in this case consider themselves better than others. And they usually mock at others’ mistakes and weak points. Luther put this model of humor into his golden hammer of poops and farts. For example, when Luther was scolding the Roman Papacy, he said, “I was frightened and thought I was dreaming, it was such a thunderclap, such a great horrid fart did the papal…

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  • The Importance Of Anabaptism In Voltaire's Candide

    out of the window and seeing a man who did not believe that the Pope was AntiChrist, she poured on his head a full… O Heavens! … A man who had not been baptized, an honest Anabaptist named Jacques, saw the cruel and ignominious treatment of one of his brothers… he took him home, cleaned him up, gave him bread and beer, presented him with two florins, and even offered to teach him to work” (235). Candide had asked a Protestant for food, but they refused because Candide would not call the Pope the…

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  • The Medieval Period: The Renaissance And The Age Of Discovery

    old ideas and brought new ones into Europe. The movable type printing press was created by Johan Gutenberg. The significance of this printing press was the movable type created books faster and cheaper than writing books by hand, or using the Chinese type. This allowed people to buy books cheaper, and thus increased the literacy rate. It also allowed books like the bible to be placed in the hands like the common people, and that helped people to interpret the book for themselves instead of being…

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  • Compare And Contrast Martin Luther And Protestant Reformation

    Christianity’s basic teachings. Many felt that the church had too much power over their followers and were using this power to control others and gather money. The church had been charging for indulgences, or forgiveness of sins, which was seen as fraud and greed in many individuals’ eyes. Some of the leaders in this reformation where Martin Luther and John Calvin, who decided to act on their beliefs of corruption in the Catholic Church. Martin Luther had conflicting theology with the Catholic…

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  • Sirmondian Constitution Analysis

    The Sirmondian Constitutions reflect some of the pragmatic ways in which Christian religion was transformed from a persecuted, underground religion under Diocletian to one that was officially favoured and publicly supported. Sirm. 1- 16 illustrate some of the significant social, economic, political and legal privileges accorded to Christian laymen and authorities. Legislation also served to establish an orthodox Christianity in line with the decisions of Church councils while penalizing those…

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  • Thomas Aquinas Influence On Religion

    “good be advanced, or an evil be avoided”2 is unjust even if it is led by a prince and declared with a just cause. These last two requirements are similar but have a fundamental difference to them. The first gives you the ability to declare war on someone for committing offenses against you. The second makes sure that even if these offenses are committed, that the intentions behind the act are still pure and justified. By following these three requirements any war can be justified. The papacy…

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  • Just War Theory Of Christianity

    political leaders began to struggle over ultimate authority of Rome. The existing conflict between Christian leaders and monarchs prompted the first religious holy war. This arose when the Turks threatened to invade the Byzantine Empire and conquer Constantinople. Emperor of Byzantine Alexius I made a plea to Pope Urban II for troops from the West to encounter the Turkish intimidation (Backman 255). Urban, wanting to reinforce the power of Christianity leadership, took advantage of the…

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  • Protestant Reformation Impact

    fulfill the duty of the occupation so it resulted in people with industrious engagements of work. The values of time, credit, honesty and responsibility which are the spirit of capitalism. In addition, Protestant Reformation opposed the asceticism so it fostered people to grow their wealth in order to fulfill their needs of families. According to Max Weber (1904), the Protestant created frugal entrepreneurs’ content to systematically invest profits in order to pursue ever greater wealth. Also,…

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  • Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses Analysis

    People such as John Tetzel would go around Germany and try to get people to buy indulgences. They would convince they people that they needed God’s forgiveness to go to heaven, and the only way to get that was to pay for an indulgence. They would also say that the family of a deceased person could buy an indulgence so that their family member would be able to go to heaven. Martin was very against this, and that is one of the main reasons that he wrote the Ninety-Five Theses. He said in…

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