South Canyon Fire

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  • Storm King Mountain Fire: The South Canyon Fire

    The South Canyon Fire The South Canyon fire was a major fire that occurred on July 2, 1994, seven miles from a town in Colorado named Glenwood Springs. The fire was on Storm King Mountain and burned about 2,115 acres of land and took 14 lives with it. Some major causes of the fire were high temperatures, droughts throughout that year, and low humidity. This fire caused many families and friends to lose loved ones and changed the way firefighters today fight fires. The fire on Storm King mountain on July 2, 1994 started from a thunderstorm, but many other factors also played in. During this year, there were droughts, high temperatures, and low humidity; a perfect recipe for a fire. Lightning struck on the mountain and ignited a fire in the forest,…

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  • Daniel Ortega's Life And Accomplishments

    They could fire the guard and maybe we could get some new textbooks. But the parents didn’t know about the gate’s inefficacy and thus were sated believing that their children were safe in school all day, which apparently was more important than whether or not they…

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  • Grand Canyon History

    Did you know, that the rock found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon might be around 2 billion years old? Well the grand canyon is one of the best arrays of geological history in the world. It’s home to many different types of animals. It also hosts about 5 million tourists a year. Archaeologists are still not sure how it was formed. The Grand Canyon is considered one of the seven wonders of the world; it reveals millions of years of geological history. The Grand Canyon has a lot of…

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  • Bottle Tree Ranch

    While visiting, you can see homes that look like the ones in the cartoon and meet some of the characters. You can take pictures with some of the characters and horses on the site. The park also includes other activities, a restaurant, and a gift shop. If you are looking for a place to rest, you can spend the night at the campground, too. 14.Grand Canyon Skywalk The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a steel overhang with a glass bottom that gives viewers an amazing view of the canyon. The structure sits…

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  • Prescribed Fire Research Paper

    Prescribed Fire, needed or unneeded? Prescribed fire, the burning of dead or non-living trees, an important subject to people, however, it makes them wonder the perks and downsides of it, but the claim states, should prescribe fire be used, or not needed? Prescribed fire can be important to many people, as a result it can reduce chances of future fires. Prescribed fire can be excellent, for example, it can stop wildfires before they happen. They burn the dead trees which means they can’t catch…

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  • Fire Tetrahedron: The Four Types Of Fire

    all visible mysteries-Fire,” said by Leigh Hunt brings us to think how amazing and destructive something so beautiful can be. Fire is considered one of the four basic elements and the fact is that nothing is basic about fires. The chemical process that occurs is what we see when the fire dances in front of our eyes. In the safety field there is an increased need for fire knowledge so that we can prevention and train employees on them. There are many components to consider especially when you…

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  • Prescribed Burning Research Paper

    of acres are lost in forest fires every year. There are so many horrible effects from fires and most of them affect so many people. Studies have shown that out of all of the different methods to decrease fire damage, prescribed burns are the most effective. Prevention is the key to society these days and is definitely an important factor in saving lives. Reduction of fuels, prevention of vegetative communities, and improvement of wildlife habitat are happening because of controlled burns.…

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  • The Creation Of The Flood And The Great Flood

    whole earth by God’s design. Many of us have questioned the Word of God; however, investigating to get answers will be the conclusion if the Great flood actually happened in a biblical proportion way as it said in Gen 17:7. Sometimes it is not the intellect of the investigation that gives the answer, for some people need a grandiose scientific, mathematical, or deductive theory to explain or give reason to the answer, contrary to popular belief, looking for the answer in a common sense way…

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  • The Loss Of A Creature Analysis

    appalling because as consumers of the world we are encouraged to think inside the box, instead of exploring our own creativity. Percy mentions the “planners” or authority/society that dictates what consumers should act in public, what they should wear, and most important; how to think. The planners have a set idea that they suits the consumers to have, however, it is time for consumers to stop the deprivation of expressing their ideas. Although the author regards free thinking he acknowledges…

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  • Sartre Theory Of Anguish

    vertigo comes from anguish created by dependence on your future self and the thoughts of suicide. When we visited the Grand Canyon my mom tried to walk on the six-foot path down the canyon, but couldn’t even make it two steps before she stopped. In that moment she was experiencing vertigo. When you ask her what happened she says she was terrified of slipping off the path and falling to her death. She disagrees with Sartre’s opinion on the cause of vertigo. My mom believes she never would…

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