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  • Southern Louisiana Summary

    Outside perception of Louisiana is spicy crawfish, deep accents, and bad hygiene, but this perception does not portray Louisiana’s rich culture. Mike Tidwell, the author, felt like researching was not enough to grasp the full feel for the unique southern Louisiana living. Tidwell takes it upon himself to explore the culture by embedding himself in with the local people, which by doing so opened his eyes to a lot of individuals who are being affected by the vanishing cajun culture. The culture of the cajun coast is struggling due to the motivation loss of new generations, poverty, oil dredging, and the flooding of the Louisiana's bayous. While venturing on the Bayou in the beginning of his journey Tidwell notices that generations of shrimpers have thrived on the land. For some families fishing, shrimping, or even crabbing has been passed down several generations and it will continue to be passed down, for other families however they do not feel as if it is their calling. With cajun lifestyle comes hard work that will take a tole on the body and lead to early aging, but on top of that the pay is very slim. Tidwell while on the quest to look more into cajun living began hitchhiking, and was picked up by a man that goes by the name Tim. Tim then took him home where Tidwell meets his wife, Phyllis, and son, Tee Tim. Growing up on the water Tee Tim has pulled crab pots his whole life and watched his dad live on the land like generations before him had taught them to do. Tee Tim…

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  • My Visit To New Orleans

    week! The vacation was truly an exotic experience due to the fascinating cuisine and history of New Orleans. What’s travelling to New Orleans without sampling their alluring food? The city may boast its raunchy Mardi Gras celebrations, but there is never a reason not to try the best Creole dishes in the country. Consequently, they have restaurants that are priced relatively affordable that offer Jambalayas, Gumbos, Oysters en brochette, Beignets, essentially all the authentic New Orleans foods…

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  • Sixth Avenue Bistro

    The meal started with house made rolls and olive oil for the table, with main courses arriving shortly. Each booth was served separately, but each table was served entirely before moving onto the next. The jambalaya was served hot and in a relatively large portion. Figure 4: Sixth Avenue Bistro, Jambalaya Entree Post-Visit Conclusion Sixth Avenue Bistro claims to be a local hub with “something special to offer for every occasion” (About Us, 2016). The data that the customer collected…

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  • Example Of A Jazz Concert Critique

    Concert Critique #2 Free Man Cajun Cafe and Lounge!! After attending a more laid back jazz performance in Fort Worth, I figured I could use a change of scenery; outside of my roots. I was looking for more of a casual place that was kid friendly considering I had three children under the age of 6 with me. Google then recommended The Free Man Cajun Cafe and Lounge. When you walk up to the restaurant you hear the music playing from outside. I figured friday night, it would be quite busy, but…

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  • Mardi Gras Research Paper

    Mardi Gras is a festival of feasting, dancing, and having a good time. It is a time to celebrate with family, friends and neighbors in the area. When it’s the most remember holidays in New Orleans to be yourself. I was about ten years old when my mom took me with the family to Mardi Gras festival. Remembering going to my first Mardi gras experience was amazing. To see the colorful parade, the playing of music in the streets, and especially eating the delicious food. Going to my first Mardi Gras…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Homemade Meals

    with aunt Elizabeth, she was sick, and in return for us staying there we had to take of her. My mother was never a cook but, a great cleaner, so we split the responsibility. I cooked, and she clean. When people visited with us, I ‘d offer them a bit to eat. When they finished, they would say, this is delicious!” “who taught you how to cook like this? I’d say, a beautiful gray-headed woman from my home town, Emporia Virginia. By the time I was 21, I was married had my own little family. When my…

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  • Describe Pappadeaux Restaurant

    their pupils will automatically grow as big as bowling balls. I am so glad that my parents brought and took me to this place, because I love this restaurant. Pappadeaux will give the customer so much food that they will end up taking two to go boxes when they leave there. Most restaurants only give the customer enough food for the customer to eat there or not enough food. Pappadeaux was designed for big guys like myself. Once they get done eating your dinner, then they can order dessert. Their…

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  • Personal Essay: My Mentor

    She has a certain flare about her; it seems like any or everything that she does she always has it under control. She told me that there isn’t one thing she would ever change about herself, because she doesn’t often think about herself but of other people. She also spoke of this one time when her intuition led to a success but then a defeat in the culinary industry. One day she and her sister were catering for a group of ladies and of course made Cajun style food as they usually would…

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  • Case Study Of Larose's Magic Roux: Marketing Strategy

    When a product is presented with the attributes of why it will benefit the consumer; a consumer will want to purchase that product or service. As an example, a gourmet focused shopper is looking for high quality products, exclusive brands and good service. LaRose’s would market to the at home gourmet chef with a busy lifestyle. Making an authentic roux can take hours to perfect. These days who has hours to stir a roux! With LaRose’s Magic Roux, you simply add the premade roux to chicken…

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  • Cougar Case Study

    Assorted Candy $4.75 Pretzel $5.00 Cracker Jacks $3.00 Seasoned Fries $6.75 Running head: The Louisville, Kentuckey Golden Cougars 18 Level 2 RECHARGE STATION BBQ Shrimp with Cauliflower Grits $11.00 BBQ Chicken Sliders $10.00 Buffalo Chicken Wings $10.00 Asian Tuna Salad $14.00 Ultimate Nachos $13.00 Smoked Sausage $7.50 Popcorn 85oz $5.75 Salted Peanuts $3.75 Regular Soda $4.75 Bottle…

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