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  • Petrofirst Case Analysis

    1.1 About the company PetroFirst is the flagship project of PetroFirst Energy TechnoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. to build an integrted web based platform for energy industry comunity building and knowldge sharing. With the mission of comunity building and knowledge sharing, Petrofirst presents a new and distinct online platform that combines the whole industry including profesionals, students and academia in one coherent environment. Besides online course delivery platform, PetroFirst offers…

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  • SAP Finance: Deloitte Consulting USI Pvt. Ltd.

    December 1997 Online diarist Jorn Barger coins the term “Weblog” for “logging the Web.” April 1999 Programmer Peter Merholz shortens “Weblog” to “blog.” August 1999 Blogger rolls out the first popular, free blog-creation service. August 2002 Nick Denton launches Gizmodo, the first in what will become a blog empire. Blogads launches, the first broker of blog advertising. June 2003 Google launches AdSense…

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  • Cloud Computing Advantages And Disadvantages

    resources, they just pay the cost of using time, storage and services. So, the users don’t purchase any kind of infrastructure resources. • Performance-the output is improved because cloud in not a single computer but it is the network of powerful computers resulting in high processing power. • No need of up gradation and maintenance is required because this is responsibility of the cloud service providers. • Scalability- Cloud services can be enhanced, resources can be increased and new…

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  • Alexa Essay

    reputation in digital market through Amazon Web Service (AMS), which is a cloud service providing IaaS (Infrastructure as a server) and PaaS (Platform as a server) bring massive data into its server. Amazon was smart enough to use this database introducing a voice recognise virtual assistant “Alexa” which is connected with Amazon’s cloud-based database to hear, understand, and process the voice interactions. (AWS) To providing a cloud-based voice service, Alexa requires a large number of…

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  • Odoo Community Case Study

    4.3 Odoo Community Software Odoo Community is a free open-source business applications which provides more than thousand modules to use for the business purposes such as Sales, CRM, Project, Inventory Management, Accounting and Finance Management, etc. Users can use Odoo Community on the cloud or on-site. It suits for small or medium companies. Moreover, users can adapt the modules or the functions inside each module to make it be more compatible with their need since it is flexible. AYE…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

    benefits offered by cloud computing. There are 3 kinds of cloud computing. They are public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. There are also 3 models of cloud computing which describe the service on offer, these are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Almost all big enterprises utilize cloud computing to keep their data. Cloud computing offers different kind of method…

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  • Cloud Computing Case Study Essay

    most important facts surrounding the case Cloud computing come to be a more convenient method of software operation within the businesses. the case is given an example which is Amazon by using cloud computing at the marketplace. Amazon use the Web services division (AWS) to get data storage and computing power flexibility. This application supports Amazon to get a large amount of computing resources. Based on client provided data, the AWS can allocate, separate and arrange resources., Cloud…

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  • Difference Between Surfing And Surfing

    Firstly, the World Wide Web is not the Internet. The web is a feature of the internet, which is a network of computer networks whereas the World Wide Web is a series of interlinked HTML webpages connected by Hyperlinks. Therefore, “surfing” the Web and “surfing” the internet are two different things. Although the task of retrieving a webpage can be completed in a matter of seconds, it is actually a complex process. Firstly, your device sends a request to the Domain Name System through a router…

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  • Tldr Customer Service Business Plan

    TLDR Computer Services In the world of consumer electronics, large corporations like Best Buy and Walmart have placed the value of a sale over the value of knowledge and customer service. This has left an opening for business to not only survive, but flourish in the wake of these giants’ bottom line. TLDR Computer Services looks to provide a wide array of excellent electronic services including sales, repair, and data management, and do it with unsurpassed customer satisfaction. We can do this…

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  • Web Architecture And Components Of Web

    Web architecture and Components In this report I will be talking about web architecture and components needed to allow internet and web functionality. Web architecture The first section is Web Architecture and I will be talking about Internet Service Provider, Web hosting service, Domain structure, Domain Register and World Wide Web. Internet Service Providers (ISP) are companies like SKY, Virgin and BT and they all provide internet access because it connects a variety of technologies to…

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