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  • 10 90 Rule Analysis

    The 10/90 Rule:  Our Goal: Highest value from Web Analytics implementation.  Cost of analytics tool & vendor professional services: $ 10.  Required investment in “intelligent resources/analysts”: $ 90.  Bottom-line for Magnificent Success: Its the people. How is 10/90 rule used? The 10/90 rule is postulated based on the fact that companies that could buy one of the best tools still struggle to get actionable insights. Obviously, there is a gap between data and actionable insights, and the…

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  • Social Media Commodification

    In our modern world, social media platforms like as Facebook exist as ‘free’ spaces for social interaction with our friends and family, freedom of expression, and connecting with other users. However, many scholars argue that the convenience of social media – where we can use Facebook without paying money– comes with the cost of our privacy and our free labour. User commodification are significant issues in studies of social media. In his book The Political Economy of Communication (2009),…

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  • Acura Marketing Campaign Analysis

    social media to achieve various web objectives, which include creating awareness, generating interest, and creating buzz. One of the social media websites utilized to market the new Acura music-driven campaign is YouTube. According to the textbook, “What makes YouTube so effective for marketers is the ability to use the site as an advertising medium or as a search platform. Marketers can post videos of their products…

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  • Free Economy Model

    market the world has ever seen (Barbook, 2005). This competitive marketplace introduced has radically changed modern day capitalism with the growth of new and alternative economic models. These models largely being introduced in Web 2.0 and advancing into the current Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 (Aghaei, 2012). The internet has allowed consumers to have more power and knowledge over what they buy and where they buy because consumers are not limited to a single space or local store. The internet has…

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  • Social Media Key Elements: R. Effing And T. Spil

    Social Media Key Elements: R. Effing and T. Spil (2015) , summed up and identified as well, some frameworks to classify social media best practices and key elements, in the existing literature and exploratory researches that could add value to the social media strategy within an organization: Target audience, channel choice, goals, resources, policies, monitoring and content activities. R. Effing and T. Spil (2015) define and summed up the key elements, taking as support the existing literature:…

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  • Relationship Between Facebook Use And Anxiety Levels

    Method Participants The study will have about 300 undergraduate university students participating in the study. Participants must be undergraduate students who are 18 years old or older. Participants will be recruited from introductory psychology courses. The compensation for participation will be extra credit for the psychology course and a $5 gift card. Participation time for the study will last six months (a semester). Design This proposed research is a correlational study between the…

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  • Washingtonpost. Com: Website Analysis

    The presentation and credibility of an online website goes a long way on showing whether or not it is reliable for information. There are many different criteria to look for in a reliable website including appearance, organization, and credibility. The website I evaluated for my topic of choice was WashingtonPost.com. The website provides instant news and information of various topics from all over the world in an organized, user-friendly fashion. After browsing the website, I was able to…

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  • Social Media's Influence On How People Research Trips

    collaborating and sharing information” (Leung et al. 3). Social media users can post text, images, and even videos to tell others about their experiences and inform whether their experiences were up to their expectations or not. “… The evolution of Web 1.0 – 2.0 marks a shift from ‘users rather than organizations taking charge [of the Internet]” (Hays et al. 212). Users obtain more control than the actual businesses within the tourism industry because social media has changed the entire…

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  • Call Tracking

    Call tracking on web advertisements takes the mystery out of analyzing Google and other metrics. Each phone number is unique to its source. Put one phone number on a Twitter post, a separate one in your Facebook feed and even more in targeted emails. Put a different number in each blog post, on various pages of your website and embedded in YouTube videos. Call tracking gets around Google Adwords by creating your own electronic footprint with each unique phone number you place on the web. All you…

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  • Pop Cake Swot Analysis

    The aim of this project was to sell a new important product Pop Cake to sell it online through websites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Pop Cake is the perfect name of my product cake. Thanks to its richness in its healthy elements, I think that it will easily spread in KSA markets. Do not hesitate not to purchase .It is a golden occasion. Pop Cake can lead more consumers through increasing their trust to feel comfortable shopping on it. Faster checkouts and digital wallets improve cake…

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