Features Of E-Commerce

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E-commerce is the trading in products or service using computer networks such as the internet or online social networks. Various sites use this such as Amazon, EBay, Tesco and Asda it is normally the distribution of online goods and services to people. E commerce works when you have something to sell, make it known to potential buyers, accept payments then you deliver the goods or services, and provide appropriate service after the sale. This is an efficient mechanism for advertising and distributing product information. This enables complete business transactions. E- Commerce is basically buying and selling goods on the internet.
Hardware and Software
There are a number of technologies required for an e-Commerce system. For a company to
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A company that wants to host an e commerce website can maintain the site on their own website however they can pay a company to host the server.
As managing a web server is a very difficult task businesses will pay instead of hosting it themselves. As UK
time is a small business I think that they should invest in companies that will host a web server for them.
The web browser is the software application that is used to locate, retrieve and show on the internet. For a window which is the most common operating system the browser that is used is internet explorer this is the standard browser, which comes free. Other than that there are a lot of more popular ones such as Mozilla fox and google
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Furthermore, there is software that makes uploading web pages to the web server easier this process is called FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
Web Authoring Tools

Web authoring tools make it possible to make a webpage because it simplifies the process and makes it easy and accessible for people to use. This means that a lot of people can make a webpage. This has caused a lot of controversy because people are sick of the quality of the web pages some posts have been made saying the internet is a mess. The leading experts in web design tools say that are Microsoft expression web, which is part of Microsoft 2007 suite, adobe Dreamweaver.
These two platforms have a huge range of web designing tools for templates that anyone can use. UK times can use this to make their web page this can be very beneficial for them as it is easy to

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