Advantage And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

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d. Cloud System
Cloud computing is the general term of infrastructure that deliver information technology and share pool of configuring computing resources from internet via web-based tools rather than having local server to handle the application (Cloud Computing, n.d.). In other words, the cloud is a metaphor of internet that storing and synchronized the data and information into the server rather than storing in the data center such as server in the facility. Cloud computing can serve a diverse range over the Internet like storage and virtual server. A data center is physically connected to a local network, there is an restriction on accessing the information unless authorization is required. However with cloud computing technology, the
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With cloud computing, substantial of cost capital cost such as building and facility for data center can be saved as zero in-house storage and allow them to concentrate on their core work. Cloud computing will store the information into the server. Although cloud computing has limited capacity, but the extra storage can be upgraded by paying more. Through this, cost of data center can be reduced and eliminated. Reduction of quantities of servers, substantial cost especially labor cost, cost of building, utilities and software cost can significantly reduce the cost. For example, Pacejet Cloud Shipping integrate with FedEx shipping service to reduce cost and increase efficiency of their work (FedEx, n.d.). Pacejet transfer the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) integration to the users without costly software. With cloud computing software, FedEx customer can take advantage of tracking their package shipment without duplicate data …show more content…
The server utilization is used as a low-cost hosting services (Beal, 2016). Virtualization increase the server utilization of a company as multiple application can run on a single server. Server virtualization reduce costs as less energy and hardware are used. Amerijet International offer a diverse range of air, ocean and land freight service to shipper to move cargo quickly and reliably. Amerijet International "carries more than 200 million pound of freight annually to 550 destinations worldwide" (Rainer et al., p.484, 2015) . Amerijit's existing information system is unable to support the global growth as limited capacity of data center. The company forced to change the IT infrastructure into business enabler by vitalizing the server into its data center. With cloud computing system, the company can reduce the capital and operational cost as IT infrastructure setting-up cost is unnecessary. Unpredictable business demand is not a challenge because cloud system allow IT to adjust IT resources such as server, storage and networking more rapidly (Rainer et al., p.489, 2015). Lastly, cloud computing reduce the difficulty of procuring, configuring and maintaining tasks of hardware and software.
Unisys Logistic Management System (LMS)
Logistic Management System (LMS) is a air cargo enterprise operation system that manage the air freight logistic

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