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  • Features Of E-Commerce

    E-commerce is the trading in products or service using computer networks such as the internet or online social networks. Various sites use this such as Amazon, EBay, Tesco and Asda it is normally the distribution of online goods and services to people. E commerce works when you have something to sell, make it known to potential buyers, accept payments then you deliver the goods or services, and provide appropriate service after the sale. This is an efficient mechanism for advertising and…

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  • Advantages Of Technology Required For E-Commerce

    Technology Required For E-Commerce, By Ismail Esse What is an E-commerce • E-commerce is an online shopping system that allows people to shop online for goods and services anywhere in the world and it customers can finalise their purchase by using either a credit card or cash via delivery. The benefits of having e-commerce is that millions of people in the world can access it if they have internet. Businesses use e-commerce because the want to promote their business. This is good for businesses…

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  • Advantage And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

    d. Cloud System Cloud computing is the general term of infrastructure that deliver information technology and share pool of configuring computing resources from internet via web-based tools rather than having local server to handle the application (Cloud Computing, n.d.). In other words, the cloud is a metaphor of internet that storing and synchronized the data and information into the server rather than storing in the data center such as server in the facility. Cloud computing can serve a…

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  • Joomla Case Study

    scalable MVC design pattern it is an ideal base for web applications and used to construct, manage and publish content in blogs, intranets, websites and mobile applications. Joomla hosting has a wide following with over 3 percent of the web and over 9 percent of CMS market share. It boasts of over half a million active contributors that are helping many inexperienced developers make their dreams a reality. What makes Joomla so popular? Joomla hosting has some exclusive features that has…

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  • Unit 28 P1 And P3

    Unit 28 – P1 & M1 In this report I will explain the brief outline of the web architecture and components which allow the internet and website to function. I will construct a flow diagram to show the various different stages and processes that information must pass through to get from server to screen. Web Architecture Web architecture is the term used for web design, this is a method to plan and design websites. Web architecture focuses on the user and user requirements. When planning a…

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  • Interserver Case

    depend upon? Introduction: Reviewing a server hosting company isn’t an easy task. Its performances are variable, and so are the pricings and discount offers. The various parameters of judging a server hosting company may include the service quality, customer support, price rates and so on. And if you wish to get the optimum blend of all of these, then trust the New Jersey based, 18 year-old Interserver.net. About: Interserver.net, just like all other web hosting companies of this industry, was…

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  • Self Vs Peer Evaluation

    Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education,21, 205-214. Lin, S.-J., Liu, Z.-F., & Yuan, S.-M. (2001). Web-based peer assessment: attitude and achievement. IEEE Transactions on Education, 44(2), 13. Little, D. (2002). The European language portfolio: structure, origin, implementation, and challenges. Language Teaching, 35,182-189. Little, D. (2005).…

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  • Cloud Computing Research Paper

    Introduction Cloud computing is basically a service that allows the access of information, software applications or computer processing force from a cloud of online resources. It empowers access for individual clients of data, software applications from any device and additionally permitting the big organization to reduce their capital expense when purchasing software and hardware as a utility administration. Cloud computing gives you a chance to get to all your applications and archives from…

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  • AWS Ecosystem Analysis

    1.1.5 AWS Ecosystem (AWS Partner Ecosystem) Amazon offers a number of services to its users. Users can find nearly everything they need within the confines of AWS to create almost any application they may want to implement. These services are available via the AWS ecosystem — the offerings of Amazon partners and third parties that host their offerings on AWS. AWS offers 25+ services, users can fine services that • Offer preconfigured virtual machines with software components already…

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  • Petrofirst Case Analysis

    1.1 About the company PetroFirst is the flagship project of PetroFirst Energy TechnoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. to build an integrted web based platform for energy industry comunity building and knowldge sharing. With the mission of comunity building and knowledge sharing, Petrofirst presents a new and distinct online platform that combines the whole industry including profesionals, students and academia in one coherent environment. Besides online course delivery platform, PetroFirst offers…

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