Cloud Computing Case Study Essay

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1. Identify the most important facts surrounding the case
Cloud computing come to be a more convenient method of software operation within the businesses. the case is given an example which is Amazon by using cloud computing at the marketplace. Amazon use the Web services division (AWS) to get data storage and computing power flexibility. This application supports Amazon to get a large amount of computing resources. Based on client provided data, the AWS can allocate, separate and arrange resources., Cloud computing bring a lot of opportuneness for Amazon, making them save costs and increase profits. Moreover, cloud computing let Amazon spend more time on other work which had more value (Laudon 234). Making use of cloud computing Amazon can
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“By leveraging a remote cloud based infrastructure, a company essentially gives away private data and information, things that might be sensitive and confidential. It is then up to the cloud service provider to manage, protect and retain them, thus the provider’s reliability is very critical.”(Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing – Cloud computing pros and cons) Moreover, to these major disadvantages, another issue is that cloud computing is disposed to external attack. “Store information in the cloud could make your company vulnerable to external hack attacks and threats. As we know, the Internet is virtual, so we do not know what is safe.” (Cloud Computing – Is it Really All That …show more content…
Triggered Live Migration

4. Evaluate each course of action
a. Integrated Management Software Power
Power is very important to effective operation of cloud structures as meting out storage space and capacity. For a smoothly running of a cloud data center managers need up-to-date data of the power consumption and the IT resources. Nowadays, managers use distinct tools to display data server and the power resources. Nevertheless, now with Integrated Management Software Power cloud structures have a combined solutions that permit managers to control virtual servers, physical servers, PDUs and UPSs.
b. Automated Replication Software
Automated Replication Software is the most current software developments that permits virtual machines to be relocated between sites (public clouds, co-located sites, hybrid clouds etc.) built on previous notification of power failure to the main protected site. The software before sending an alarm to the virtualization management dashboard links with the UPS to identify the failure. If the data center manage to deliver necessary battery to complete the phases of the recovery plan, the software start data synchronization and backup site without losing data.
c. Triggered Live

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