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  • Diamond Wedding Ring Research Paper

    The tradition of beginning an engagement with a diamond ring is largely an American custom that has resulted in the United States becoming one of the largest shareholders of the global diamond jewelry market (Global Diamond Jewelry). The custom dates back to first half of the 1900s when diamonds were introduced as a symbol of undying love due to their lasting value. Although diamond wedding rings serve as an investment and symbol of eternal love, some luxury rings, such as Tiffany and Company, have developed a deeper socioeconomic and cultural significance. In American culture, a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring symbolizes more than unconditional love; it has become an outward symbol of marital status and success. Diamond engagement rings rose to popularity in the United States after World War II for three notable reasons. First, In the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s; diamond companies such as De Beers and Madison Avenue influenced the public through persuasive advertising campaigns and a strategic timed release of mined diamonds into the market (Fram). A second reason diamond engagement rings became more popular during this time was a gradual change in laws which would allow jilted brides to seek restitution. By 1945, 16 states completely abolished laws allowing women to bring legal action against fiancés who had called off a marriage (Kholes). In response to the changing laws, diamond engagement rings rose in popularity as a form of security because jilted brides could…

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  • How Change Has Affected My Life

    Our physician reviewed his medical record and recommended an Inferior Vena Cava filter placed. The patient was concerned, because a friend told him that blood clots below the knee do not travel and just need monitored by ultrasound. The friend had got the information from the internet. . I located some material on a website that indicated that a below the knee DVT is unlikely to break away and is usually monitored by ultrasound (MedicineNet, 2015). Now, my patient does not want to have the…

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  • Venous Thrombosis Pathophysiology

    prior for antiphospholipid antibodies, antithrombin III level and lupus anticoagulant. When the serum tests are not revealing anything unusual, genetic testing is acquired to look for mutation such as prothrombin G20210A mutation should be done (Dugdale, 2013). Some non-intrusive methods to detect DVT are Doppler ultrasound or a CT scan. The interruption of DVT includes mobility soon after surgical procedures, compression stockings and application of SCD. The treatment of…

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  • Why Do Weddings Get So Grand?

    entering a marriage, and is still a popular hue despite the fact many couples engage in intercourse before the ceremony (Begley). Weddings rings are rooted in Egyptian culture, where people would weave rings made of grass twined together. Then more permanent materials like leather and metal became more popular. Historically, only women wore a wedding ring, and Romans used the rings as a sign of possession of their wives. The rings were worn on the left hand, the weaker side of the women’s body,…

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