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  • La Villa Dei Mostri Summary

    When thinking of Antonioni I would never say his short documentaries are the first thing to come to mind. His visual flare and focus on the setting as well as the subjects are all prevalent in every title I have seen, 7 Reeds for a Dress perhaps the most reminiscent of his future works.What seems to be the element that links all the documentaries together has less to do with visual style and more with Antonioni’s background and infatuation with his home country. These films seem to be about the destructive results of clinging to old customs in the modern era, how attempting to capture the past is a futile effort. There is no shortage of notes about social classes either. “Gente Del Po” was the most memorable to me as I’m sure it was to most. The many shots of the landscapes, river and the boatmen are all striking. Though what I found most interesting was how the workers on screen were portrayed. The people of the Po Valley were never made to be hopeful characters but instead were shown as people who had only a bleak outcome to look forward to despite their hard work and spirit. Though the film opens with a strong focus on the daily lives of Po Valley boatmen, it finishes with a heavy emphasis on the environment the families live in. This is an interesting choice for the documentary mainly because it portrays the river as a sort of endless cycle, the river both provides everything for these families lives and can take it all away if the water rises too high or the weather…

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  • Renaissance In Veneto And Tuscany

    Renaissance in Veneto and Tuscany Italian artists were representative of the Renaissance but were not representative of Italy as a whole during the Renaissance. Italy, throughout the Renaissance, was not unlike other European countries. The country faced the same decline in population due to the plague and a steady rise in population after the plague. Most of the country, like most of Europe, was rural and made up of peasants. The Renaissance, however, did not occur within the majority of…

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  • Seveso: An Analysis Of The Stark Differences Across Italy

    Putnam (1993) lays the groundwork for this research by demonstrating the stark differences among the towns across Italy. For example, Seveso, a town in the northern region of Italy, is described as a “modest, modern town in the mixed industrial-and-farming belt” (1993, 4), but became world-famous due to an ecological disaster when a chemical plant exploded and nearly crippled the town’s economy. In another instance, Pietrapertosa, a town in the southern region of Italy, seemed to mimic the…

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  • Inigo Jones Queen's House Analysis

    In most cases there is no proof that he did or was. What is important is that throughout Italy, but most importantly in the Veneto and Emilia; he would have found himself in an architectural climate sympathetic to the beliefs he had acquired in England. He would have felt here that his work lay within the mainstream of an important european architectural movement, and that it was the obvious, modern way to build. It was not unitl 1632 that construction resumed in the Queen's house in earnest…

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  • St. Lucy Research Paper

    St. Lucia of Syracuse Lucia of Syracuse, also referred to as St. Lucy, was born around 283 A.D. in Sicily, Italy. Lucy’s father died when she was 5 years old, and her mother, Eutychia, was left to take care of her. The time came when Lucy’s mother began feeling sick, they prepared a shrine to St. Agatha and prayed there every night. One evening, Lucia was in prayer and St. Agatha appeared to her and let her know that her mother would be cured of her illness. In the morning, Lucia’s mother was…

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  • Benetton Case Study

    Examples include a 1995 campaign aimed at generating AIDS awareness in India. Support for War Child, a charity that helps children in war zones around the world, has also been praised. Autographed Toscani posters were offered to visitors at a clothes show event in exchange for donations to War Child. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations invited Benetton to create a communications campaign for the first world food summit held in Rome. Benetton's use of information…

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  • Banishment And Failure In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    The main setting is Verona, a city in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The city is about 65 miles west of Venice. The ruler of Verona at the time of the legendary Montague-Capulet feud was Bartolomeo della Scalla, who died in 1304. (In Italian the Scalla name is Scaligeri; in Latin, it is Scaligerus). Part of the action in the play takes place in Mantua, where Romeo goes after the Prince of Verona banishes him. Mantua is in the Lombardy region of Italy, just west of the Veneto region and…

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  • Olympic Games Benefits

    World War. Matteo Renzi, the prime minister, said he hoped the bid would help kick-start investment and cheer up a country overcome by the gloom of rising unemployment and a shrinking economy. "Too often Italy seems resigned, to have lowered its ambitions," “Our problems shouldn’t stop us from dreaming. If we waited for things to be easy we’d never try for anything.” But his announcement was immediately greeted with scorn and criticism, with many saying Italy was in no fit state financially…

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  • Winewednesday Essay

    weather bucket list ideas. Visit Megalomania Winery Connector. Coffin Ridge Coffin Ridge has 25 acres under cultivation primarily consisting of cold hardy varieties of grapes suitable for the harsh Grey County winters. A challenging climate has never prevented the Coffin Ridge team from producing magically pleasing wines year after year. Try a few Coffin Ridge gems and You might find yourself planning a winter trek to Grey County for their Winter Snowshoe Vineyard Tours. Visit Coffin Ridge…

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  • White Wine Essay

    White wines are wines with pale yellow color, yellow gold or yellow green which are produced from white or black grapes without skin. White wines existed 2500 years ago. There are several types of white wine. Learn more information about different types of white wine categorized according to taste. Discover about the different flavors and regions where white wines are common in the catalog below. • Light and Zesty These wines are lightly bodied with a fresh clean taste. • Cortese (a.k.a Gavi) –…

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