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  • John Singer Sargent's Influence On Women

    Sargent found beauty in the small things women did, whether that be picking a flower, fishing, dancing or doing their daily tasks. One painting he did truly showed his feelings towards the female. The genre scene Venetian glass Workers shows workers producing venetian glassware. During the 1880’s travelers enjoyed purchasing glassware while traveling to venice. This painting displays the separation between native production and tourist consumption in Venetian glassware . In this painting Sargent did not intend to focus on the female body, but what the female stands for. Her independence and spirit is what she should be recognized for, not her image. Each woman had her head down focused on he task at hand. Again Sargent has the women’s hands painted strong and toned. What they are dong is a skill which many craftsman may sometimes struggle. The women appear calm and content while work with such powerful tools. Sargent enjoys expressing women in environments that the public eye may not have access to or know that women even do. Here that is exactly the case. The room they are in is dark and may appear somber. It could be that they were shut away form the outside world because their employers does not want his customer to know that women are making these exquisite Venetian glassware. I find this painting to be a display of strength, because they are in complete darkness making art that is not easy to accomplish. They may not be dressed the nicest of dress, but do not make…

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  • Dale Chihuly Research Paper

    Glass. In modern times this substance is used as a basic necessity for windows, car windshields, bottles, jars, glasses, dishes, etc. Glass was discovered by Egyptians in the sixteenth century B.C. when experimenting with their pottery. During the fifthteenth century, the Egyptians started venturing into glass vessel making. Later, the Phoenicians and Mesopotamians followed suit by developing a fairly adequate method of glass blowing. To describe glass blowing in brief, glass must first be…

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  • The Sands Hotel Case

    Sands Hotel came into existence through the sale of a computer trade show “COMDEX”. In 1989, entrepreneur Sheldon G. Adelson and his partners bought the Sands Hotel and within one year opened the Sands Expo and Convention Center. In 1995, Adelson sold COMDEX for more than $800 million dollars. This money was used for renovations of The Sands Motel, which was inspired by a trip taken to Venice Italy. For the next two years the hotel was reconstructed into a romantic replica of the ambience and…

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  • Misfit Analysis

    He said that when he was sent there, he forgot what he had done the grandmother said maybe it was a mistake that they sent him to the prison, he replied to her saying it was no mistake because they “had the papers on me” (26). When both men came back to the woods Bobby Lee was carrying Baileys shirt he tossed it the misfit and he put it on. The mother began to panic and breath hard the misfit seeing this asked the mother if her and her daughter would like to “step off yonder with Bobby Lee and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I M Not Home

    something else now. Alexis now walked through her doggie door and, walks upstairs into the game room where all of her toys are. As Alexis walks through the door she realizes that all of her stuffed animals are missing! Alexis growls in disbelief. She thinks to herself, where are they all, who could of done this? Maybe Mom the human put them in the washing machine to wash them, or a bird took them all into its nest for her children. The washing machine idea is more plausible, Alexis thinks to…

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  • Child Observation Summary

    Observation Summary I enter room 105 which is a three year old room, I took a seat near the corner of the room, next I begin my observation I observe a teacher and three children playing with some small beads and strings, the teachers being to introduce the beads to the children, she engaged them in a conversation about the different color beads and the different sizes of the beads as well as the shapes of the beads, she looked over and notice one child who was stringing the beads and said,…

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  • Jalousie House Research Paper

    material used on the slats. For instance, one can change the slats from glass to wood to aluminum or whichever material one desires. These types of windows are easier to change the appearance than full pane type. Jalousie windows cannot be opened from outside once closed. Jalousie windows can remain open during rains since the glass protrudes outside and prevent most of the water from getting inside the house. One can easily enjoy the storm breeze without soaking surfaces around the window. They…

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  • A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis

    “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is a short story that takes about a family that is going on a road trip to Florida. This family goes through many trials trying to get to their destination. This story surrounds a man by the name of the misfit and a very lady like women who is the grandmother. We see that throughout this story both these characters go through many trials and tribulations of what both these characters go through. I feel that the moral of the story that O’Connor is trying to outline is…

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  • Harvey Littleton Artful Home Analysis

    of the left and right sides. A pinkish-red sphere, that gets lighter both towards its center and towards the outside sits in the center. It has a faint white slit in the middle. The Pinkish sphere is enclosed in a large pink-shaded box. On both sides of the pink orb, sit two yellow orbs, one on each side. They sit partially under the pink orb. They are also half way into the pink box. The yellow orbs, are fairly uniform, shading wise, but they are lighter towards the inside and darker towards…

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  • Essay On Perler Beads

    Perler beads are not very well known. They are colorful beads that are melted together to create many different objects from bowls, jewelry and portraits to keychains and phone cases. As a kid, I was given a set of perler beads with pegboards shaped like dogs, cats and fish. I never knew the range of possibilities that perler beads could be used for and how much could be made with them. For my senior portfolio art show, I needed invitations and rediscovered perler beads and now I constantly make…

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