Jalousie House Research Paper

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Jalousie windows have horizontal slats layered on top of each other and are opened using a crank. They can be opened in unison or at different angles to let in air or light. They are ideal for both commercial and residential units. When choosing the type of windows to fix in your home, it is important to consider the climate, the expectations of the space and the architectural design of the house. Windows complement the interior decor of the house. Jalousie windows are an excellent choice for people living in hot or mild winter areas since they have enhanced ventilation. Unlike single-hung windows which in most cases open half way the space they have occupied, jalousie windows have enhanced airflow because they open from the bottom slat to …show more content…
Jalousie window gives you the opportunity to change the type of material used on the slats. For instance, one can change the slats from glass to wood to aluminum or whichever material one desires. These types of windows are easier to change the appearance than full pane type. Jalousie windows cannot be opened from outside once closed.
Jalousie windows can remain open during rains since the glass protrudes outside and prevent most of the water from getting inside the house. One can easily enjoy the storm breeze without soaking surfaces around the window. They are also energy efficient and ideal for a sunroom during cold season. Modern jalousie windows can be customers to a client’s taste with some offering tinted option for privacy and reducing solar heat during hot
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This gives you a clear view to beautiful scenery without necessarily having to open the whole window pane or going to the balcony. They create an attractive effect when they are fixed in a large open space. They are easy to clean from inside due to enough space in between the slats hence one can fix them in upper floors. They can be custom-made in terms of material, design and sizes. Jalousie windows can be equipped with screens from either inside or outside to avoid insects from entering your house when the windows are open. During cold seasons the slats can be changed to Low E glass which prevents heat loss. For couples with young children their jalousie windows can be customized using acrylic salts for security glass option or including mesh to prevent the children’s fingers from being ensnared in the

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