Mango Street House Analysis

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36. Esperanza and Mamacita both do not like their houses. In order to solve the problem about Mamacita not liking her house she choses to not do anything about it. Instead she sits in her window of her house and whines. “She sits all day by the window and plays the Spanish radio show and sings all the homesick songs about her country in a voice that sounds like a seagull.” Mamacita does not enjoy living on Mango Street, she misses her country and instead of making plans to move out of Mango Street, she just sits in her house and whines. Esperanza and Mamacita both do not like their houses, however Esperanza will not follow Mamacita’s example, of doing nothing about the problem. Esperanza will work hard to move out of Mango Street, by finding …show more content…
Mamacita sits by the window all day mainly because she has nothing better to do or look at. Mamacita dreams of a better life, moving out of Mango Street and a husband that does not make her cry. Mamacita misses her home, culture, and language in her country. “Mamacita, who does not belong, every once in awhile lets out a cry, hysterical, high, as if he had torn the only skinny thread that kept her alive, the only road out to that country.” Mamacita does not fit in with the people on Mango Street, on top of that is tortured by her husband, and has a child to take care of. “Sometimes the man gets disgusted. He starts screaming and you can hear it all the way down the street.” It is important to know women in Esperanza’s time were not treated with respect by their …show more content…
Esperanza has no idea what to do about Minerva’s situation, when her husband physically abuses Minerva and leaves scars. Esperanza does feel bad for Minerva but she does not know what to do to help her. “Minerva. I don’t know which way she’ll go. There is nothing I can do.” It is important to know that Esperanza has never truly experienced an abusive man in her life, she has only heard stories about her friends abusive fathers, therefore she has no idea what to do to help Minerva’s situation.
42. The windows in the House on Mango Street symbolize how women are held back from achieving their goals or accomplishing their dreams. For instance Rafaela leans against the things she wants to do, but she cannot her husband told her she cannot leave the house. Minerva’s window being broken by her husband with a rock symbolizes her dreams being destroyed. It is important to know that women during this time were held back from achieving their dreams mainly because of the men in their lives.
43. For a living Esperanza’s father gardens for nicer homes. Esperanza does not join her family on Sunday outings anymore because she is tired of looking at things she cannot have. Esperanza is ashamed, she is tired of looking at rich homes, something she will probably never have. It is important to know that there are many different classes in Esperanza’s area, some are richer than

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