United States Border Patrol

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  • Mexican Migration

    Question 1: The advancement of capitalism in the United States has greatly impacted Mexican migration by providing the population with a variety of pull factors. There have been many peeking periods starting around the late 1800s and early 1900s where many immigrants, documented and undocumented, have came to the United States due to the large amount of work opportunities that it offers. In fact, many Mexican citizens were requested by U.S. employers due to the cheap labor. For example, during…

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  • Immigration Ethnography Analysis

    Immigration has always been seen as a problem in the United States. In this ethnography I will be outlining how myths and stereotypes shape political policies shape immigration. My research is going to capture the real lives of immigrants and how assumptions affect their everyday lives when it comes to living in the United States. Immigrants are oppressed and labeled as criminals in society and political perspectives. They are under a dark shadow of negative assumptions and criminalized for…

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  • Essay On Immigration Citizenship

    the state and national governments to secure and control the border to shut immigrants out. However, many aliens have already slipped through the United States, past the porous border, in hopes of becoming a full-fledged American citizen. The point in question is what should be done about the citizenship for the immigrants that have slipped through our permeable Mexican border. Those who are campaigning and defending a tenacious attitude on immigration, stress the idea of tightening border…

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  • Vietnam War Essay

    Vietnam War is one of the wars that United States of America was a part of during the cold war to fight against the communism. Frdrick Dowes throghout his book says that this war was a surprise to him and he didnt expect so much brutality to happen. The war lasted for more than 20 years from 1954-1975 according to encyclopeadia britanicca and was one of the biggest indochina wars.The war itself had many casualties that even caused uprisings in the homefront. There are still veterans who have not…

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  • The American Dream: Illegal Immigrants

    “American Dream”. The idea that this country was such a place began in the 17th Century when it was reached by a few Puritans searching for religious freedom and monarch subjects looking or wealth in the form gold. During the 19th Century the United States had gained a virtue of being the land of opportunity. On the east coast there were immigrants from Ireland, Italy, Germany and various other European countries from people searching for a better life and riches. On the west coast many people…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigration

    regulations is a huge controversy all over the world, the U.S. is being scrutinized for not being harsh to people who want to enter “The Land of the Free” The United States does have an overflow of immigrants but the actions taken to help regulate the flow of immigrants seem to be very ineffective. Immigrants have a PRIVILEGE to be in the United States. Immigrants do deserve to be here if they respect the immigration laws set in place. Respecting the natural born citizens rights as well.…

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  • Ping Pong Diplomacy

    Many restrictions on travel and trade were lifted. This would become know as “Ping Pong” diplomacy. It was so named after the United States ping-pong team was invited to the Chinese capital in April of 1971. During their visit the group was treated as though they were dignitaries or royalty. They played matches against the Chinese team but also visited important landmarks through out China. The American delegation was accompanied by members of the press and was closely watched by the American…

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  • How To Prevent Illegal Immigration In The United States

    illegal immigrants, existing in the United States in 2012. It represents that 3.7% of the total population of U.S illegally live in the United States. Most illegal immigrants, roughly 60 percent of them, come from Mexico, and the number of them is 6,720,000 illicit immigrants in 2012. 24 percent of them are other Latin Americans, and about 16 percent of them are Asian, European, and African. Illegal immigration has been one the serious political issues in the United States. The Administration…

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  • Illegal Immigration Problems

    The 2008 article “What About the Illegals?” from The Washington Times talks about the fact the number of illegal immigrants was going down very slowly, but also says “Still, border enforcement, workplace crackdowns, the threat of deportation and greater social awareness have not worked alone to push down illegal alien numbers” (What About. . ., 2008, A22). This article helps to show that there have been attempts to stop illegal…

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  • The Argument Against The Minutemen Project

    What has been coined as the Minutemen Project was established in 2004. This project called for citizens who wanted to help the Border Patrol, to watch the border and radio them if they spotted any aliens trying to enter the United States. Even though they do not have the authority to arrest anyone, they can let Border Security know and then go back to watching the border. Even though this is for a good cause, there are some people who protest against this project. On October 4, 2006, there was a…

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