The Immigrant In Enrique's Journey

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Sonia Nazario has been a social issues writer for the last two decades, she wrote the novel, Enrique’s Journey. In this book a young boy by the name of Enrique was abandoned by his mother at the age of five. Work was hard to find in Honduras and the pay was very little; it was not enough to help support two children. Enrique’s mother went to the United States in search for a job to help provide for her children. As the years went by Enrique was yearning for a mother, everything he thought he had was taken away from him and he was disappointed with his life. Years later he decided to go to the United States in hope to find his mother, but he was going to do it illegally. Going through Mexico to illegally enter the United States was very hard …show more content…
Despite the fact that he was not as privileged, he could have gotten a job and kept it to save enough money to enter the US. Leaving his family and his expecting lover, just as his mother did, was very inconsiderate. Enrique was not a model citizen or the best person to be around after entering the US. After not seeing his mother for 11 years Enrique was not very welcoming in North Carolina. At first he is very excited to be with his mother and they are happy to be reunited, but then Enrique starts to hold a grudge against his mother because she left him at a young age. He started to disrespect her and being rude and one day he even asked his mother, “How could she stay away? […] You left me abandoned me. You forgot about me” (198). He even says, “A true mother isn’t the person who carries you in her womb. It is someone who raises and nurtures you. […] My grandmother Maria. You long ago lost the right to tell me what to do” (198). This is not someone who deserves to live in the US with privileges. He needs to be sent back to Honduras.
Some believe that undocumented people should be sent back when they commit a crime or do something wrong. As soon as a person is caught and they are undocumented that they should be sent back and told to enter the United States properly. You have to work for what you want; not saying that what Enrique did was not commitment and perseverance, but it was not true and genuine

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