The Importance Of US Cesar Chavez's Border Patrol

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There 's been 364,000 cases of people arrested trying to enter the country. Border patrol is trying to cut down on people crossing the border lines between the U.S and Mexico. Donald Trump wants to stop illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S and making it harder on the government. Laws about immigration talks about how immigrant must follow the rules and steps to be able to come to the U.S. Cesar Chavez is help his country become a better place for his people trying the help with make people successful. Cartel is make it tough on its own people which causes immigrant to cross the border illegally. Immigration has been a struggle throughout the world.

The border patrol is trying to make thing more smoothly by making changes to what they do best like “Preventing terrorists,weapons of mass destructions”(ABC News) this means that border patrol is cutting down on security so they can stop terrorist attacks enter and occurring in the U.S. this is important because it great that the border is trying to keep terrorists from make harm to the U.S. Mexico 's border security say there
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this is important because he trying to help his country with everything he can possibly do. He became a person who 's “Won several victories for the workers when sign contract union”(BIO) this means he has be fighting for his worker to become better people. this is important because he trying to make a difference by helping his people. Cesar Chavez is an activist who want to help his country like when it 's say he was a “Union leader and labor organizer”(BIO) this means that he 's the leader of the the union workers and help with the labor organizer for his people. this is important because without Ceaser Chavez there would be not union leader and everything

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