Pros And Cons Of Immigration To The United States

America was indebted to immigration for her settlement and prosperity. That part of
“America which had encouraged them most had advanced most rapidly in population, agriculture and the arts.”(James Madison). In this quote James Madison is explaining that America is indebted to immigration for what it has done for this country. Although immigration has helped this country right now it is getting out of hand and hard to control.The way it is getting out of hand is by immigrants coming into America are bringing bad energy with them, for an example they are bringing drugs, violence , etc. All these problems are affecting the government so much, they way which it 's affecting them is spending money on immigrants. Billions of dollars are spent every year
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Which is why the only logical solution is to make it easier for the immigrants to become U.S citizens. This solution would best help the economy and overall increase the moral
Adame 4 of Americans and of the immigrants. This solution is the most feasible because it can be carried out swiftly and effectively within the least amount of time. This solution is the financially possible because the cost it would take to make it possible for immigrants to become legal would be made up by the money they would be making and the taxes they would have to pay for everything that they would buy. This solution would also be legally possible because there is no law that prohibits the creation of new citizens of the United States. It is also morally possible because it would overall improve the society and the economy of the United States. By allowing immigrants to become U.S citizens, it is making them contribute to their new home and help make it better. Illegal immigrants are not payed as much as those who are citizens and that holds back the economy from growing and getting better, but if more people were to become

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