Obama's Immigration Reform

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Ever since coming to office, President Baraka Obama has been trying to make a change when it comes to the over flow of undocumented aliens. Now that his term is almost coming to an end, he has taken upon himself to make these changes happen. Two major changes that Obama hopes to impose on the immigration reform bill are the work permits and equal representation for immigrants. These changes will impact Floridians because they rely on low-skilled and high skilled workers and gain businesses/strength in the economy. There are a large amount of immigrants that live in the United States. "In 2010, there were 40 million foreign-born persons living in the United States (Grieco et al. 2012)." (Hirschman, 2014). Part of the reason as to why there …show more content…
By taking the representation of immigrants on the voter districts then it 'll affect the states that have a high amount of non-citizens. This will be a negative effect on some Floridians politicians who might face this situation when it comes to voting and voter population. "The regulations ensure that voting districts are not drawn to disenfranchise minority populations." (Morrison, 2015). The new changes will let the districts count immigrants as voters. This supports that having these changes can help both immigrants and the states/cities. Immigrants are count as people and feel matter as to problems/issues happening in United States. Also the states/cities that have a high concentration of immigrants in the area are still able to run and remain a strong district.
Impact on
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Many say they would not be able to assimilate, or blend with American culture, would take all the jobs and take all the government benefits from Americans without paying taxes. "There are widespread popular beliefs that immigrants take jobs that would otherwise go to native born Americans and that the wages of native born workers are depressed by the presence of immigrant workers." (Hirschman, 2014). This supports the evidence that Americans have this negative mindset to foreign coming to the United States. On the other hand, immigration is a great profit to the United States. "In spite of the fears that immigrants are resistant to learning English and refuse to join the American mainstream, there is a large body of social science and historical research which concludes that immigrants have, by and large, assimilated to American society." (Hirschman, 2014). This provides proof to the fact that immigrants can assimilate to American culture. And the second generation of immigrants are said to assimilate faster than their parents, according to Hirschman. Therefore, this piece of evidence disproves the negative view points of most

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