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  • The Importance Of Slow Tourism

    locate or determine that slow is being linked to all phenomenon, industries and sectors. Among these (sectors) is the tourism sector. Slow tourism is a kind of conceptual framework which gives different options to travelling by car and also air (plane travel). People go to places more slowly overland, have a long stay and less travel, Dickenson, et al. (2010). Practicing slow tourism and travel is weighed against the dominant trend of rapid travel, equally as a means of getting from one…

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  • Trends In Tourism Essay

    3. Current Trends And Developments Of The Industry Contemporary Trends In Tourism In the post days of World War II, consumer requirements, preferences, levels of sophistication and technological innovations mandate what constitutes an attraction powerful enough to lure the tourist trade. Dynamically changing in terms of form, locations, styles and the scope and scale of the destination, tourist attractions today form an integral, if not crucial part of the tourist, hospitality and travel…

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  • Negatives Of Tourism

    When it comes to tourism there are many factors that play a role in making the industry what it is. Some very important influences of tourism include sociological, economic, environmental, and marketing forces. Each of these plays an important role in the tourism industry. There are also many positive and negative impacts of tourism that relate to these influences. When it comes to the sociological aspect of tourism there are many positive effects between tourists and host communities. One of…

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  • Tourism: The Positive And Negative Effects Of Tourism

    inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the impacts of tourism on three levels: economical, environmental, and cultural. Central Idea: Continuous progress in tourism affects residents in living in touristic destinations economically, environmentally, and culturally. The effects are both positive and negative and vary in how important and essential they are for the country’s residents. Preview Statement:Impacts of tourism are divided into seven general broad categories. Today I am…

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  • Hotel Tourism Case Study

    Hotel tourism businesses are divided into two major categories, which are constituted by lots of subcategories : i. Major Hotel Accommodations ii. Non-Major Hotel Accommodations i) Major Hotel Accommodations This category consists of the businesses, which operate in urban or rural areas and provide their guests with many means of accommodation, nutrition and entertainment. Major hotel accommodations are divided into luxury hotels, A, B, C, D and E category, each of these has its own…

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  • The Experience Of Tourism

    diversity in their everyday lives or to say that they have been there and seen it. Satisfaction comes from the feelings that people experience and that is what makes tourism authentic in a way that no one can justify in conceptual studies or philosophical views. The significance of authenticity in the provision and experience of cultural tourism is important to the tourist traveling and them alone. They are the only ones that can define the meaning of experimental authenticity and what they…

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  • Social Factors In Sustainable Tourism

    Introduction Sustainable tourism has been defined in a number of ways by tourists and the most acceptable meaning seems to be “Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy (Lisse, 2014).” The fundamental premise behind sustainable tourism is that the tourism activities respect the locals who call that place home, their culture as well as their custom, and as well as the socioeconomic…

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  • Film Induced Tourism Essay

    The tourism industry has reached the stage of maturity and tourism is a very competitive industry. Whether it is a new destination or an old destination, to attract tourists to the destination is the main competition. In the tourism industry, film-induced tourism is one of the sectors which growing faster. Along with the popularity of film-induced tourism, the international tourism and entertainment industry also has a significant improvement(Hudson & Ritchie, 2006b). The film-induced tourism in…

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  • Tourism In America

    Tourism came about as a way to form America’s national identity. In the book See America First, Shaffer gives an overview of how America used tourism to shape its’ identity. In the late 1880’s, America, even though we were considered one big country, it was still subdivided into the North, the South, the East, and the West. As railroads and eventually automobiles allowed easier travel the tourism industry picked up. The tourism industry proposed that by traveling and seeing the country, it…

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  • Dubai Tourism Case Study

    Tourism Case Study Background of the emirates supported by recent statistics. The emirate selected for the case study is Dubai. UAE which is known as Business Hub and fascinating spot for the people all over the world. From all the seven states, Dubai is famous for tourism, development and many business tycoons from the world like to invest in this region. By the end of 1960’s, Dubai major way of earning was oil and trade to some extent, now these days Dubai is known as major Business Hub for…

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