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  • OYO Rooms Case Study

    referred to as hotel manager, department heads, administrative staffs, line supervisors, cleaners, and chefs. The organizational chart varies by hotel size, function and is mostly determined by ownership of the hotel and the managing companies. 1.3.2 Tourism and…

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  • Ethical Issues In Medical Tourism

    Ethical Issues in Medical Tourism From business to leisure purposes, traveling abroad has been increasing steadily, estimating that about 106 million people in the United States (US) traveled abroad for various purposes in 2015 (“Monthly Departures to International Destinations,” n.d.). A relatively new industry, medical tourism, has become one of the drivers that continues to increase the number of US residents to travel abroad. Medical tourism can be simply defined as traveling abroad for…

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  • Shangri La Hotel Case Study

    Abstract— The Hotel industry is a typical service focus business. It has been driven by tourism in Singapore for the past few decades. Facing intensive competition, hotels not only offer just a place to live away from home but a kind of customer satisfaction through expected services. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts belong to the luxury hotel sector and a leader in the upscale hotel industry; it continues to face competitions from its rivalries. This paper discusses the Shangri-La Hotel and…

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  • Destination Image And Tourism Essay

    research objectives. Detailed discussions of findings addressed by the research questions are as follows. The first objective “To review the role of destination image and tourism marketing in tourists’ decision on destination selection” was to find solution to the first research question “How does the Destination Image and Tourism Marketing influence tourists’ decision on destination selection?” This research question was divided into three hypotheses: H1: Destination Marketing has a positive…

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  • Bed And Breakfast Inns

    lodging. Bed and breakfast Inns structures varies from cottages, to ranchstyle houses, to multistories town homes, to villas, cabins, stately mansions and even lighthouses. The bed and breakfast route is taken by leisure travelers who seek accommodation in lodgings that are between formality and casualness. Hotels are made especially for commercial travelers and vacationing families, close to major highways. Hotel service vary from the location. Hotels located in the center of the city meets the…

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  • Food Tourism Case Study

    The positive image of a food tourism destination is a cue to welcome more future visitors, thus doubling the profit margin in the tourism sector. Spreading knowledge and information to the tourists is not an encumbrance if each personnel who involves in tourism sector knows how to play the role of educator as “knowledge purveyor”. For illustration, local tour guide is the main source to convey…

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  • Case Study: Vancouver's Cycle Of Destination

    regard, bringing in guests from around the world and highlighting Vancouver as a tourism destination (Canadian Encyclopedia). This would be typical of Butler's development stage, although given the urban nature of much of Vancouver region, it is unlikely that local residents will be outnumbered by tourists, even at peak seasons. During the late twentieth century and first decades of the twenty-first, Vancouver tourism expanded far beyond sports and outdoor attractions, consolidating the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Medical Tourism

    Box 15.1 discusses the term medical tourism, which resembles an industry whose growth is increasing due to globalization (Clarke, 2012, Pg.399). The term involves the act of one travelling to a country other than their own with the ambition to seek medical care as it may differentiate in terms of cost, wait times, and availability (Hopkins et al, 2010, pg.185). This term has been involved in numerous debates where highlights and downfalls of its act cause for some to see it as lacking liability,…

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  • Taking A Look At Airport Security

    The United Nations World Tourism Organization states “the commitment of the private sector is key”, helping to diminish the sexual exploitation of traveling children. Other organizations such the World Tourism Network on Child Protection “present awareness-raising materials and capacity building tools, and promote the adoption of professional codes of conduct”. These…

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  • Reasons To Visit Indonesia Essay

    Indonesia is a biggest archipelago country in the world which has more than 17.000 islands . It is a place for distinct tribe and linguistic groups, a gigantic range of flora and fauna and wonderful natural landscapes. Indonesia also is a country of fourth longest beach line in the world , Indonesia perhaps has so many reasons for you to visit, but presented here are three of many reasons why you have to make a plan in your life to visit Indonesia. One of the best ways to enjoy our vacation is…

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