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  • My Father Was A Broken Soldier Analysis

    Broken Soldier In a town on the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border, on a heart-rending Sunday there was a shattered family. All the events that led up to this traumatic morning are placed right before your eyes. Subtlety through a child’s perspective is a story told about why his father left him and his siblings. My Father Was a Writer by Andre Dubus III sounds like it might take you through a wonderful journey of becoming an author. Much to my surprise the memoir was more about a broken…

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  • Should Child Soldiers Be Treated As Criminals Essay

    Everyone knows that child soldiers are a bad occurrence. But the real question is, should a child soldier be treated as a victim or a criminal? Many say that the children are victims because they are forced into being a soldier, the result of refusal often being death. But how would you feel if your family was killed? It doesn’t matter who they were killed by, you would still want justice. A great majority of the child soldiers enlist and some even seem to enjoy killing. Those who refuse the…

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  • Transformative Essay: The Role Of Army Soldiers In The Military

    our country and us, they are army soldiers. Army soldiers live a selfless life, with the hope that their involvement will help this country and the people livening here. Army soldiers are leaders and stay up for what is right, and make society better, Army soldiers are motivated, respected, and inspiring, both mentally and physically strong, they are courageous, admired, unselfish and they are the best at what they do, they are Army soldiers. Army soldiers are trained battle ground leaders…

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  • An American Soldier In World War 1 Summary

    An American Soldier In World War 1 is a series of loving letters from a normal American soldier to his fiancé during World War 1. The author captivates the tragedies and normal day of life for an American soldier who fought in World War 1. The letters speak of unimaginable activities and tasks endured by American soldiers from enlisting to drafting. George “Brownie” Browne gives us, the audience and his fiancé, a new invigorating look into the difficulties of living, training, transporting to…

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  • Martin Luther's 'Whether Soldiers, Too, Can Be Saved'

    “Whether Soldiers, Too, Can Be Saved” is included in volume forty-six of Luther’s Works: The Christian in Society III, edited by Helmut T. Lehmann and Robert C. Schultz. Originally published by Martin Luther on January 5th, 1527, “Whether Solders, Too, can be Saved” was written in response to a very controversial topic that is still debated to this date. The issue at hand was whether Christians could bear arms and become professional soldiers while still obtaining a pure connection with God and…

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  • Fear And Soldiers In The Things They Carried, By Tim O Brien

    stories of being a soldier in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam war was the longest war in American History, killing an estimated 60,000 United States soldiers and nearly 2 million Vietnamese. Tim O’Brien served as a foot soldier on the battlefront in Vietnam and lived to write about his experiences which give Americans an insight to the harsh reality of the Vietnam War. War tests soldier 's ability to cope with the stress, fear, and death that surrounds them. In order to survive, a soldier must…

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  • The Good Soldier Analysis

    The House of Mirth and The Good Soldier have different techniques that engage the reader in the story. Both novels discuss topics such as adultery and manipulation which were highly touchy subjects in their time period. These “scandalize” themes in these two novels holds the reader's attention but, the writing techniques the two authors use make the novel more interesting. The House of Mirth uses a more traditional way of writing while the The Good Soldier uses unordarthox writing style. The…

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  • Black Soldiers Conquest Analysis

    the author use the word “irony” when discussing the role of black soldiers in the “conquest” of the American west? Ironic because the black soldiers themselves victims of white prejudices and seen as inferior, assisted the white man in conquering Native Americans for their land. 3. Why does the author claim that black soldiers, who engaged in several battles with Indians, apparently had little to fear from Indians? Black soldiers had more altercations which lead to injuries and deaths within…

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  • We Were Soldiers Once And Young Analysis

    Careful analysis of Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” and Harold Moore’s and Joseph Galloway’s “We Were Soldiers Once… And Young” reveals two markedly different portrayals of the United States’ army during the Vietnam War. This change mirrors the dwindling optimism of the American people from Moore and Galloway’s account of the 1965 Battle of la Drang and O’Brien’s more comprehensive account of the later stages of the war and post-war period. While O’Brien, Moore, and Galloway all served…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Soldier As A Soldier Of A Civil War Soldier

    man told me it wasn't loaded. He started talking to me about it and how they don't hardly know how to aim with it so he said they was going to try it out and hopefully they'll win. I´m just a young girl walking around making sure every every soldier has food. I went up to one man to make sure he was alright. He had said ¨ If anything happens to me, make sure my girls will be safe.¨ I nod at the man and said ¨ You have my word¨. At that point of time I felt like he wouldn't make it. But I…

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