Soldiers Home Hemingway Analysis

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Hemingway’s Soldiers Home brings many question to us as the readers of what exactly does the title mean and what the soldier is and what the soldier has become. Hemingway portrays a setting in which the soldier is trapped and no longer can escape due to past experiences and drastic changes in his life. Harold Krebs also referred to as “Hare”, “Harold”, and “Krebs” is a hard fighting solider who fought for his country and now is suffering after coming home. He who served for his country out of bravery now has become this creature that can’t leave his past wounds and memories of the army behind and live his life. He is trapped in his house and Hemingway explains to us how this main character has changed and how it affected him and others around him. Who is Krebs? He doesn’t even know who he really is any more and neither does anyone else. Coming home from the war wasn’t the most heartwarming awakening for the soldier. He was the last to come home after all the soldiers and he did not even get a greeting and welcome from his hometown. “By the time Krebs returned to his home town in Oklahoma the greeting of heroes was over. He came back much too late. The men from the town who had been drafted had all been welcomed elaborately on their return.”(Hemingway.) By Hemingway explaining this to us we further understand that he didn’t even feel as if he …show more content…
Most soldiers after war suffer this disease in which they are scared of everything. Like Krebs they become aware of everything and have very fast reactions. It could be a form of identity loss of who they once were before going into the military. He wanted to live a smooth life with no consequences or no lies. As mentioned earlier he himself did not know who he was now. All he is to himself is a good soldier and nothing less or more. His family tries to help him throughout the story but they seem to be no help to

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