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  • Essay On Being An American Citizen

    Living in the United States of America provides many opportunities in jobs, education, and military. Many people immigrate to the United States to take these opportunities to make a better life for their families. But being an American citizen comes with certain responsibilities, and the biggest one involves protecting the United States and the people within. Being a part of the military is the biggest responsibility an American citizen can have, because you have to protect an entire country…

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  • Icdp Examples

    1. Intro: Operational Verbal Image and MCDP 1, MCDP 1-3 and MCDP 6 relate to each other in many different ways. However, this correspondence will focus on only three examples of how the MCDP’s and the passage work together. Those examples include initiative and response from MCDP 1, adapting from MCDP 1-3 and command and control from MCDP 6. 2. Main Point: During the passage Operational Verbal Image a character by the name of Captain Knutsen made a decision to immediately find a friendly…

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  • Compare And Contrast Lee And George Gordon Meade

    Every person has to start somewhere. Each person begins somewhere in their life time to start their future. General Robert Edward Lee and General George gordon meade are generals of a very important time and army. The reasons for why they were so successful in life is because they started off somewhere either an education, a bad home, a good home, wealth or even poorness. No matter where they were the pushed themselves to fight for their land and freedom of right to want something. They were all…

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  • Why I Want To Honor Veterans

    American veterans have done everything asked of them. These heroes have made countless sacrifices for our country. They have risked everything, including their lives in order for Americans to live and express their opinions freely. I am honored to live in a country where you have the right to chase your dreams and become whatever your heart desires. Now As Americans, we need to show our appreciation by finding ways to help our veterans after they put the rifle down. Many veterans come home after…

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  • Unity Of Command Analysis

    Being in the Air Force and being apart of something much bigger than myself. I can see all 14 Principles of Management by Henri Fayol being implemented in everyday work. The three that stand out most to me are Authority and Responsibility, Discipline, and Unity of Command. Authority and Responsibility in the military comes is determined by what rank you are. The higher the rank, the more authority you have, which in turn means the more responsibility you will have. Authority and responsibility…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Irish Civil War

    It was a chilly morning during the middle of the Irish Civil War. I set up my sniper to get ready for the next battle while my allies did the same. We got here early to get the upper hand on our opponents, they won’t expect this. We have to win this war. I went to the nearest rooftop that looked like it provided good coverage. I loaded my gun and did the one thing I could, wait. By the time the sounds of rifles broke the silence and started the battle it was almost midnight. The first death is…

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  • The Role Of Warrant Officers In Special Forces

    Warrant Officers within Special Forces are looked to for their high level of experience by commanders and Sergeants Major alike. More often than not, within our formation, warrant officers are viewed and employed by commanders and sergeants Major as part of the command team. Company and Battalion Warrant Officers should absolutely be part of the command team because they already are! Time spent as both a company and battalion operations warrant officers, in conjunction with the nominative…

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  • Behind The Mask Summary

    In the article, Behind the Mask, it concentrates on the impact of a prevalent hidden injury known as post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). The military war veterans have been struggle with the psychological affects of war since they have returned. Melissa Walker is a therapist that designed a healing program for veterans suffering from PTSD. The experiment was first introduced at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Although many of the veteran participants were reluctant many…

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  • Survivor's Trauma In Soldiers

    Soldiers undergo traumatic events while in combat. Some survive harrowing experiences; other men die. When soldiers go back home to their loved ones, it is hard to look past what happened to their comrades while they were in combat. For the soldiers who survives, everyday life is a tossup between feeling genuinely happy and feeling guilty for surviving. Even the toughest of soldiers may suffer from survivor’s guilt---a psychological syndrome that makes someone believe they have done wrong by…

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  • Child Soldiers In The Military

    Do you think child soldiers should be given amnesty for crimes while in the military? Many children were taken away from their families and were put to commit crimes. I believe that children should be given amnesty. Although some people might not agree with me, several reasons support my opinion. My first reason is that children can get hurt or can get injured. My second reason that children should be given amnesty is that children are too young to be held responsible for their actions. My…

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