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  • Memory Vs Human Memory

    is the first step in creating a memory. It 's a biological phenomenon, rooted in the senses, that begins with perception”. (Miller pg.2) Encoding begins with perception through our senses. The process of forming a memory begins with attention. The Thalamus and the frontal lobe of our brain are in charge of holding the attention coming from our senses.When a signal is sent neurons fire more frequently creating a stronger bond of that signal in our memory. When emotions are involved our attention…

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  • Essay On Visual Prosthetics

    The Promising Future for Retinal Visual Prosthesis The human eye is a complex organ capable of harnessing light and translating it into a message that the brain uses to create an image. There are many structure in both the eye and the brain that are responsible for creating an image. The structures in the eye function to collect light from the environment, focus it, and transform it into an electrical impulse that the brain can interpret. The first of these structures is the iris. The iris…

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  • Bachynski Concussions

    Bachynski, K. E., & Goldberg, D. S. (2014). Youth sports & public health: Framing risks of mild traumatic brain injury in American football and ice hockey. Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics, 323-333. Bachynski et al examine the social and cultural schemas which might affect the risk factors in adolescent competitors. These schemas, in conjuction with the adolescents developing body, place adolescents at an even greater risk for traumatic brain injury (TBI). In addition, the article notes…

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  • Neurotransmitter In The Reward System

    The term addiction originates from the Latin words for both “bound to” and “enslaved by”; a fitting ideology for those experiencing the symptoms of addiction personally or through a loved one. A number of things, ranging from food, sex, gambling, alcohol, and drugs, can give rise to addiction. Addiction is often times categorized by the excessive and repeated use of something. But addictive substances that give rise to addiction are characterized by two principles: reinforcing stimuli and…

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  • Personal Narrative-Ontogenetic Explanation

    All my life, I’ve always wondered, why? Why do I stammer? Is it something wrong with me? I know that I was born that way because unlike many people, stammering didn’t only occur when I was stressed or in an unconformable situation. I stuttered every time I tried to speak. No matter how hard I tried to control my speech flow, I couldn’t help it. It was natural. My relatives tried to help me, to cure me fof my speech disorder but they failed. They didn’t have patience with me. They believed that…

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  • Relationship Between Attention Deficit And Hyperactivity Di

    Recent research now connects reduced regional volumes of the cerebellum with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Stimulants are currently the most common method of treating this mental disorder, but what effect do they have on the brain and how are they subduing the symptoms? Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD for short, is a very common childhood mental disorder, with symptoms ranging from difficulty paying attention to general hyperactivity. Many previous…

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  • Drug Addiction Essay

    These opioid receptors are found in the cortex, amygdala, hypothalamus, thalamus, hippocampus, and the peripheral sensory neurons. Brain parts like these are affected because they are involved in emotion, memory, hormone production, sensory processes like seeing or smelling, and communication between the brain and the body. When…

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  • Magnetic Resonance Imagining

    Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) measure the frequency of magnetic-resonance signal. These signals can be measured at the same time, and their location is sorted based on resonant frequency. deCharms (2008) alikeness the MRI process to hearing several notes on a piano concurrently and then separating out the individual keys that produced each note based on the pitch of the note. MRI measures simultaneous signals emitted from an individual (just like the piano) and the origins of each signal…

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  • Observational Learning Reflection

    time. (AOA, 2016) On Valentine’s Day of 1997 I had my first eye surgery to correct my vision. The ophthalmologist ran test, checked my visual fields and came to the conclusion that my left retina was transmitting more information to the area in my thalamus. Dr. Sandi explained to me that the image that I see with my left eye was being transmitted to the right side of my brain. I am able to see out both eyes, but the left eye is the dominant eye. The cross laterization of my brain helps me to…

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  • Human Sexual Orientation

    The model showed that some women could become attracted to the same sex if they keep having positive same-gender experiences with that person. More attention to affection bonding process may help us understand sexual orientation better, Diamond concluded. She thought that more attention to these processes would help us understand how and why people show separate patterns of desires, and love for same-gender and other gender partners over their lifetime. (2003) Dr. Doreen Kimura (1996) thought…

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