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  • The Narrative Game Of My Senior Year Of Football

    Dozens of players, all filled with the same sinking feeling. I looked around, and through tears of my own, saw my brothers, my family, my friends, all sobbing like children. Some just collapsed on the ground. Other cursed, some much louder than others. Parents in the stands cried, coaches cried, even the trainers cried. Our quarterback does an interview, answering questions while choking back his tears. Some kids went straight back to the locker room. I stayed on the field for another 15 minutes…

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  • Short Story A Man With A Dog

    him dizzy and faint. However, he only sees mess blood and red meat loaf on the ground. He widens his eyes, the eyeballs almost fall out. He stares, stares, and stares at his dog, the pulpy meat on the ground. Tears fall down to the ground directly without touching his face, just several tears. He cannot believe that, never. “This must be a dream,” he smiles and no longer moves. He dries up, dries up his whole body. “He smiled!” a little girl says to her friends several days later. “He was so…

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  • Shikitsune: A Short Story

    saw the world through her eyes.It was the two humans that she placed above the Earth in a cloud, she wanted them safe from what she was about to do. She wept, she cried onto the planet she had created, she cried onto them drowning the life in her tears. She wanted to teach the humans a lesson in respecting the earth, and respecting what the earth has given them, and what she has given them. After many days the earth had no more land and she allowed the flaming sphere which the humans named “the…

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  • The Corpse On Back Buried Mother In The Mountains Analysis

    34 Snowing Night Carried The Corpse On Back, Buried Mother In The Mountains People probably all know the story, Liangshan (梁山)heroes, dutiful son Li Kui (李逵), carried his mother up to Liangshan mountain. Unfortunately, when Li Kui went to get water and food, hungry tigers ate his mother. Li Kui was in most of grief, and killed four tigers in one breath. But in today 's world, who knows a story about in a dark snowing night, son carried the corpse on back, buried mother in the mountains?…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Kind Of Life

    The life we live is like an open sea. At times, it hurls violent waves on us, completely throwing us off our tracks. Usually, the only way to recover from the blows that constantly blind us as we journey along is to fight with our strongest will possible. I have lived the kind of life I consider extraordinary. My father use to assault my mother and when I was a young girl. On almost a daily basis, he would send me to my room, lock me in there and abuse my mother. She was never the type to fight…

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  • Importance Of Family In Cry, The Beloved Country By Alan Paton

    The Importance of Family Family serves as a support system, always there for each other when needed. Often family serves as the only thing a person may have, or the only support a person can rely on. In the contemporary literature novel Cry, The Beloved Country, Alan Paton uses parallelism to reveal the importance of family, especially in time of need. Strong families work together to overcome diversity. When Kumalo finds out that Absalom will soon face trial, Kumalo takes the effort to find a…

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  • The Forest Monologue

    Let me tell you a story of how it came to be... Scene 1- the meadows where his house was a young boy no more than seven awoke to an ear piercing scream so loud it echoed across the whole house, he found himself in a place quite unfamiliar blinding by a thick darkness attempting to figure out where he is; or if simply having a nightmare. Sitting up on his bed he began to cough as the room was hot and the air was low but instinctively he reacted as he recognised the smell of smoke in the…

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  • I Am Lilac Grace Analysis

    kitchen I saw Mama crying. I rushed to her and asked what was wrong and at first she wouldn’t tell me but then she said in a sad, defeated voice- “Yellow Fever!!!! My baby Lacy has YELLOW FEVER!!!!!” She screamed the last part. I almost burst into tears just seeing Mama like this and if I had known what Yellow Fever was,well, I would have burst into an endless stream of…

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  • Valuable Life Experience

    Trauma vs Valuable Life Experience I remember a time when I had to listen to my mom beg for my life and her own. It started one day in the early afternoon around 1 o’clock. My bedroom frigid and relaxing from the air conditioning, as I laid there listening to the movie, “Mac and Devin go to High school.” All while texting my friend Kayla about what time I was going to go over to her house that weekend. “This might be the start of a really great week, it’s going so well and I can’t wait to see…

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  • My Life Changing Experiences-Personal Narrative

    Then the day came around and it was time to go home as all the parents came in i saw my mom and she cried when she saw me and and i just smiled and cried tears of joy she told me that she was proud of me and that she knew i could do it if i put my mind to it. Then it began they started calling names to walk and the closer they got to me i was so nervous what was i gonna do when i got home. Then they called…

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