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  • Most Significant Person

    never told me what it means to work hard, when I was a freshman in high school and she explained her life story to me I knew that she was the definition of the kind of person I want to work hard to become. She explained to me without shedding a single tear, how she lost her husband and two sons. She explained to how she got the scars on her hands and the callus on her feet. She raised twelve kids all on her own and worked in the fields every day to provide what was necessary for them. At that…

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  • The Defeat Of Brutus In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    amazing Caesar fell. Kind, what a fall it was, my other people who live in the same nation! By then you and I and every one of us tumbled down, while terrible wrongdoing won. Goodness, now you cry, and I sense that you feel pity. These are aware/careful tears. Anyway, on the off chance that it (over-(over-overloading and including with a lot of something) loads and joins together with an (long/big/moderately big) measure of something) you to (get some information about/attempt to discover…

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  • Free Narrative Essays-The Reality Of Goodbyes

    I never once believed that we would be friends, and now sitting here writing as tears flow down my face. I wish I had more time, more memories to make. I know it 's going to hurt, and I am probably going to continue to cry. Some people you meet could be a total coincidence and others it may be fate. People come and go, some making an…

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  • Bad News Poem Analysis

    how discouraged my grandma was feeling about my uncle. As he talked to me a tear rolled down my check. When she got home my dad talked to her about it for a little bit. When I noticed how rough of shape my grandma was in I quickly grasped her and threw both of my arms around her giving her a gigantic hug. Squeezing tighter now I was able to feel her crying due to the hiccup like breaths taken between each tear. Tears then started to roll out of my eyes down my check and onto her navy blue…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Story Of Isabella's Home

    As the note, slid to the floor beside her feet. Tear drops slid down Isabella’s face. She stared into the fire lost, confused and alone as she reminisced on the past few months……… Being, the youngest daughter of one of the country’s, most influential men. Isabella never had a normal childhood. Sheltered by her father and three sisters; she felt trapped and never truly herself. Her father, Warth, was a wealthy merchant and was traditional, in every aspect of his life and proud of the customs of…

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  • Margery Kempe Analysis

    “Confusyd in hirself and hir owyn unstabylnes:” Plurality, Bricolage, and Infinite Regress in The Book of Margery Kempe There is a plurality of spiritual signifiers in The Book of Margery Kempe. We all know of Kempe’s “gift of tears,” of her ecstatic visions, her commitment to wearing white and creating a chaste marriage for herself. However irritating these signifiers may be, at first read the semiotics appear to be stable. Kempe cries readily when free association brings to mind the earthly…

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  • Personal Narrative: To Be Alone

    I just want to be alone. Mom tries to hold it together for my sake, but I can see the pain in her eyes. Even as a ten-year-old, I know what happened when, two days ago, my dad left in the car and never made it back home. A car crash sent me into this spiral of depression. Just a mistake, an accident, but I can’t even think about what happened. I need to leave this house, because every memory of my dad sends me into a whirlwind of emotions. Everything here reminds me of him; the log cabin, the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Luxanious And Tenellebria

    weakly until he fully vanished. She was pulled back to her home from an emergency force they had created in case one went missing. But, he wasn’t missing. He had disappeared, and he could never come back. Tenellebria collapsed to the ground, more tears erupting from her swollen eyes. She started to thrash her arms on the ground, for she never got to say “goodbye” or “I love you.” She soon felt herself painfully vanishing…

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  • Summary Of Chapter Four: The Encounter

    Chapter Four: The Encounter “Ma’am… Ma’am, you dropped your wallet!” said Ben. Delilah suddenly flips around and sees Ben’s face. She couldn’t believe her eyes and neither could he. They two both just stood there in shock, but suddenly Delilah ran up to ben and hugged him, all the feelings were flooding back. Their past wounds were reopening. Delilah was glad to see him just as Ben was glad to see Delilah when he first saw her on the night the two parted. “How are you?!” Delilah asked as she…

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  • Reflective Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird

    The look in her face the look of disappointment, the way her lip quivered at me, and the tear. The tear that haunted me that whole night. As I ran all I thought was how could this have gotten so bad, and how will I face my mother. In To Kill a Mockingbird the most significant to me was, “You just hold your head high and keep those fists down. No matter what anybody says to you, don’t you let ‘em get your goat. Try fighting with your head for a change.” I was very significant to me because it is…

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