The Importance Of Love In Love

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It was getting harder and harder to deny the fact that she felt an attraction to this guy. She refused to say she was in love because we all knew that wasn’t possible. It was but a couple months. This was how long she’d known him and of those three months, he had a crush on her friend all of them. She never wanted to invest herself in a guy that she knew would never like her back but, it was hard when all he kept doing was drawling her in. Every sweet word and vowel that came out of his mouth dripping with honey. All of it started during a very emotional project. After a full class of crying and sniffles, she was emotionally drained and instantly slumped into her chair in Spanish. Not a minute after, he glided right into the chair next to …show more content…
She could tell you why too. It was on the 17th of October and it was one silly text that made her heart sky rocket. Talking about random things to distract him from his thoughts, they began to talk about TV shows and movies. When it came to favorite movie he said Ender’s game. It was one that she had watched as well and liked. The book was still better she would argue though. When the conversation strayed to the end of the movie, she finally admitted to reading the book. Asking if she was being serious, she replied to confirm it. It was as if a switch had been turned on. He started to completely geek out talking about how he had read all the books, how he loved me, and how he was crying because someone finally understood him. Letting out a hearty laugh, her heart race began to pick up. When her mom walked by asking if she was okay, she blushed and replied with a simple yes. Feeling brave as she always did while talking to him, she decided to tease him just a little bit saying “Are you trying to tell me you’re secretly an action book nerd.” Replying yes, made her realize just how much they had in common. She liked talking to him, she liked the way he teased her when they talked, she liked the way he could make her laugh and break into a smile without even trying. She was so royally screwed but that never seemed to matter. Her heart took over control and she sure was in for the ride of her

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