How Does Love Interfere With Relationships

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How does love interfere with relationships? Anyone who has loved would know the correct answer to this question. Love in fact does interfere with relationships. In the play A Midsummer Night's Dream there are many forms of love, which can be easily connected to the conflicts between the characters. Forms of love such as parental love, forced love, romantic love, and a friends love can be recognized in Shakespeare's theatrical work. In the play Hermia loves Lysander which affects her relationship with her best friend. In a similar way Hermia and her father's relationship is affected, because Demetrius loves his daughter. Titania another important character, also shows that her love as a mother affects her relationship with her husband. Ultimately Hermia, Demetrius, and Titania all experience varying forms of love throughout the play, which suggests that love’s inconsistency interferes with other relationships and, further, with one’s overall happiness. Love is said to be friendship. Friends have a unique form of love, that cannot be given by just anyone. Although a friends love and bond is so strong, sometimes a wall forms, a wall in which interferes with the friendship. In the play, Hermia has a romantic form of love for Lysander, but Puck the fairy casts a love spell on Lysander, while he is sleeping. Lysander then wakes up and accidentally falls in love with …show more content…
The play shows how love can create problems with friends, family, and compatible others. Love is one of the most profound emotions known to humankind, and balancing both love and relationships can be very challenging. Someone usually winds up hurt, affecting their happiness. Although arguments are usually unavoidable, it is important to remember they should not damage another relationship. Real love is when a relationship never ends, through positive and negative

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