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  • Descriptive Essay (Jj's POV)

    burying his face in my chest, tears falling from his eyes. “We need you, JJ! We’re so sorry for neglecting you.” Harry admitted, hugging me tighter. “Please don’t leave us, JJ. We love you.” Vik begged, looking up at me with teary eyes. A pang of longing hit me as the two boys hugged me. I truly missed the love and affection they gave. Tears began to form in my eyes and I fell to the ground, Harry and Vik still clinging to my body. I wrapped my arms around them, letting my tears flow freely.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Stranger's Home

    As I wake up in this stranger’s home with tears coming down my face I asked myself would I ever see my parents again. It all started when I was in second grade. One day I was messing around and I got in trouble with my dad, and I could tell that he furious his whole face was red and I swear I could see the smoke come out of his ears, so I ran away from him, but he trapped me in the corner and he took off his belt and he started beating me while I laid on the floor I can feel the sting of the…

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  • My Savior In The Dark

    ‘Huh?!’ Startled, I opened my eyes. Looking around, I realized that I’m no longer in my room. Everything is dark. Not dark like the color black or the night, but dark like despair, like a sadness that knows no end. Dark like all the happiness, joy, and hope had been sucked out of existence here. ‘Dark like my life.’ I take a step forward and the floor lits up with a blinding light. So bright that I couldn’t look down anymore. I was awestruck at that moment. At my feet, the light was…

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  • Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet-Personal Narrative

    Kneeling over top of her in that pure white dress trying to find the words I need to say was difficult. I had tears in my eyes and my heart felt like it was about to beat right out of my chest. My whole body wash shaking, and it felt as though I was going to vibrate right though the floor. All eyes are on me as I am in a trance like state not being able to look away from my hands. That night looking down at my blood soaked hands would change the way I looked at myself for the rest of my…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Significant Day In My Life

    bus after calling my mom. The phone call made hearing the news harder. “Paige, it 's Pam. She just passed away. I 'm so sorry, honey. I love you,” my mom said, choking back tears. My mom had already texted my best friend Taylor, and told her I would really need somebody right now. I made the long walk to the back of the bus, tears streaming down my face, but still managing to hold myself together. I didn 't make eye contact with Taylor, who sat across from me, because I was trying not to sob and…

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  • Jessica Catherine Stephens: Poem Analysis

    I am Jessica Catherine Stephens. I am a small leaf apart of a large family tree. I am the daughter of a strong-willed southern belle and a hard-working northern gentleman. I am a mixture of beliefs, styles, and personalities I’ve encountered throughout my life. I am a younger sister to a slowly calming daredevil. I am a proud mother of two, a Cairn terrier mutt named Charlie and an aging sassy cat named Missy. I am a retired girl scout and participant of many sports-none of which I was good at.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Turned Into My House

    My mom came to me and said she didn’t make it. I couldn’t take it, I've never cried as much as I did that day. It was a long day of tears and sorrows exchanged between the family. I went home and couldn’t focus on anything other than what my I had just saw. The next two weeks were nothing but sadness for myself. I lost a piece of me when I lost her. I was very to myself and my family…

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  • The Importance Of Love In Love

    It was getting harder and harder to deny the fact that she felt an attraction to this guy. She refused to say she was in love because we all knew that wasn’t possible. It was but a couple months. This was how long she’d known him and of those three months, he had a crush on her friend all of them. She never wanted to invest herself in a guy that she knew would never like her back but, it was hard when all he kept doing was drawling her in. Every sweet word and vowel that came out of his mouth…

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  • My Life Experience Essay

    My heart dropped to the ground and my eyes fluttered with tears. I was in denial; no, I told myself, my mother was not going anywhere. Later on that day, my sister, grandmother and I went to see mom and as I walked in the room, she start smiling, telling me I looked beautiful and pointing at my hair. She was so amazed at me but as I was looking at her; I was trying to fight the tears from falling. I didn’t want to let her see me sad because she was already suffering. She…

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  • My Chihu The Greatest Tragedy Of My Life

    My first year of college, I experienced the greatest tragedy of my life. Some may say she was just a dog, but to me, she was my best friend. My Chihuahua, Tiny. I received this dog as a gift on my second birthday. At which point, she would fit in my father’s work pocket and pester me throughout her “puppy stage.” Over the years, Tiny grew into a best friend, more so than a pet. However, much of this changed when we found out she had a fatty benign tumor. 1.) At the age of 13 in 2013,…

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