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  • Gun-Personal Narrative

    I don’t wanna see you with a gun again” boomed father as I just stood there taking the punishment. Mother cowered in the corner watching it unfold that was okay I didn’t want her hurt. He sent me to my bedroom where I let the tears fall as I fell into a solemn slumber, not long after I heard screaming, he was yelling at mother again and I heard the slap. Running out of my room quietly I peeked from round the walls, where I saw mother on the floor crying clutching her cheek. Father…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Hospital

    brother was laying. He was beautiful and the room was full of tears. My mom was so thankful it was over and my dad was just happy to finally see my brother, Rylan after nine long months. After Kaylea and I got to hold Rylan for the first time, we came out to the rest of the family with our ‘I love my little brother’ shirts to show everyone it was a boy. One by one we took our family members to my mom’s room, they all gleamed with joy with tears running down their faces. My grandpa, a strong and…

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  • The Trail Of Tears: The Consequences Of The Trail Of Tears

    government uprooting whole tribes from their "sacred and ancestral lands and forcing them to walk hundreds of miles to reach far western territories." (pg.431) This long and painful journey was known as the Trail of Tears and it created even more hatred and tension between the U.S. and the Native Americans. Realizing that a peaceful settlement was impossible, the Native Americans began to fight back. However, their attacks did not come out on top and they were all eventually…

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  • Mr. Gordon's Fears: A Narrative Fiction

    Fears Gotham 's skies had grown dark, almost crepuscular as the rusty sky traced with black clouds full of horror reminded every citizen he had won. Will there ever be a blue sky again? Or a smile on a young child 's face? Will there ever be a look of happiness in the teenagers eyes that wasn 't traced with fright? Scarecrow doubted this and he smiled at the thought. Jonathan Crane wasn 't insane, he wasn 't a maniac unlike the doctors at Arkham thought, if they were doctors at all. He…

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  • Book Report On The Book ' The Crucible '

    “What do you mean nobody knows where he’s at?” I asked the MC. They had called a meeting and wanted to talk to me about Hunter. Lucifer the President leaned back in his chair, “What we mean is after that weekend he sold the house for cash. Apparently his real name isn’t Hunter Hastings, we’ve searched for him high and low, no computer database has him either. Even the college can’t help us, they did help as much as they could by letting access their system.” I rubbed my forehead, it had…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: How Giving Birth To My First Child

    to get there. Suddenly, tears sprang to my eyes as a searing pain hit me straight in the abdomen. I felt intensely afraid for myself and my unborn child and I briefly wondered if this pain was a fraction of was it felt like to get shot in the stomach. We arrived at the hospital at exactly 5:00 p.m. and I was carried out of the car and placed on a gurney. Nurses tended to me as I was wheeled toward the emergency room. Pain racked my body as I openly cried out in pain, tears running down my…

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  • Summary: The Book Of Margery Kempe

    neither gaze at an image of the Cross, nor speak, nor hear other people speaking about the passion of Christ, without falling into ecstasy through a defect of the heart. Therefore she sometimes moderated her sorrow and restrained the flood of her tears…” (de Vitry 218). Margery performs a reenactment of these uncontrollable episodes where she cries and weeps most of the times that she is in contact with divine, whether it’s physically or spiritually. Specifically, in Chapter 60, Margery is in…

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  • On The Should Of A Stranger: A Short Story

    On the Should of a Stranger The sound of my shovel breaking the ground is the only noise that reaches my ears. The warm tears running down my cheeks, the only thing I feel. I slow down my breathing to match the rhythm of the steady chink of my shovel as it enters the dirt, almost reaching a hypnotic state. Anything to keep my mind off what is happening. Chink. An image of me on my knees beside the road flashes before my eyes, and with it comes a searing pain. My shovel misses its mark and…

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  • The Unknown: A Short Story

    pause, despair hanging in the air. "He was among the slain counted in the Battle of Tref," the messenger finally said. It was as if that terrible news was the last straw for her. The woman looked down, her eyes becoming moist. Soon he could see tears streaming down her cheeks. Her entire body convulsed with sobs, and her son could only look on at the spectacle unfolding in his doorway, an expression of worry and question etched on his dark features. Her older son put down his brother and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Grandfather's Funeral

    was afraid. Afraid of what I was going to see, the most important person in my life lying there lifeless, but I could not help but want to see him one last time. At the funeral I sat with my grandma, watching her cry, her face filled with pain as tears dropped slowly down her face. I got up and slowly walked toward the front of the room and gazed back at everyone in the room, watching their faces filled with sadness. I turned…

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