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  • Richard Notkin's Heart Teapot: Petrol Hostage

    called “Heart Teapot: Petrol Hostage,” and it is one of many teapots in the Yixing Series by American ceramist, Richard Notkin, in 2013 (Pentilla, 2014). Notkin’s ceramic heart teapot is a relatively small teapot (6.5” x 11.25” x 5.75”) made from stoneware with a matte glaze that appears to have a rusted color that covers the entire teapot. The abstract teapot was designed to look like a heart with the heart’s vessels forming the handle, lid, and the spout of the teapot. Notkin added realistic…

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  • Shang Dynasty Pottery History

    When looking at artifacts that point to early civilization, not much looks like anything we use today. With our mighty gadgets and volatile computers, it is hard to be terribly impressed by a moon shaped stone tool that is the size of a thumb nail. Moreover, when in context, artifacts like simple stone tools are really very innovative. However, in reality, it is difficult to relate them to our modern technological world, and in turn, it is hard to appreciate them. The one exception to this rule…

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  • Patti Warashina

    Patti Warashina is a Japanese-American ceramic sculptor whose body of work spans over four decades. Warashina is well known for her work with the human figure, influenced by Surrealism. However, a closer look at her work provides audiences with a narrative of self-inspiration and self-reflection that affirms Warashina’s own life and body. Her artwork is a “virtual diary” of the female body and in her pieces, she hopes to portray her fascination and interest in the eccentricities and…

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  • Pink Lady Analysis

    Oakland, where she became a tenured professor in ceramics at CCA in 1965. Her work is renowned for its non-classical, unique form and thematic notations regarding “gender, cultural iconography, and art history.” Her piece Pink Lady was sculpted from stoneware, glazed, and painted in 1973. The massive sculpture, which is about 6’4” tall, 4’6” wide, and 3’6” deep, shows a woman, clothed in an ill-fitting yellow bra adorned with blue stars and matching shorts while her feet are adorned…

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  • Maple Leaves On A River, By Katsushika Hokusai

    Ceramic artwork has been an art form for the longest time with the earliest humans making pots, vases, stoneware, and figurines. In the 16th century an artist in Japan created a ceramic tea bowl that would have been prized for its beauty in that day and time. The 16th century tea bowl would have been highly thought after for its irregularities in color and…

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  • Clay Worms Case Study

    texture & form, 3D sculpture, use of moulds, Literacy: Teacher to use descriptive language on the properties of clay such as, body, bone dry, coiling, crock, greenware, jolley, kidney leather hard, potter’s clay, paper clay, potter, raw, slurry stoneware, terracotta, to throw a pot, wedging, water absorption. I would also have to accept that if a child builds another creature apart from my jumping point of worms and snails then that is…

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  • Chinese Pottery: Pop Art Analysis

    Chinese Pottery differs depending on the dynasty it was created in. When I was walking throughout the museum viewing all the different pieces of ceramics two pieces drew my eyes. The two pieces that I have chosen to write about are Bowl with Chrysanthemums and Bowl with children among vines. Both these pieces were done in China but at different points in time. Bowl with Chrysanthemums was done in China during the Ming dynasty which was the late 14th Century. Bowl with children among vines was…

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  • Redemptora As A Shipwreck

    Chapter 4: Review of Archaeological Literature The history of the Redemptora as a shipwreck starts at an unknown date. Until now, little had been found about its abandonment, reflecting a common practice of disposing of vessels without fanfare. However, in the museum files (WA Maritime Museum file MA File No: 10/78-1) a very interesting article in the U.E.C (Underwater Explorers’ Club) News of October 1962 was unveiled, signed by the ‘Beach Master’. It reports on page six that the author had…

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  • Water Shortage In Ancient China

    Human beings have inhabited this planet for numerous years, yet anything resembling modern civilizations did not appear until approximately 10,000 to 16,000 years ago. The beginning of this period marks when agriculture started to become a part of our societies (Hassan 2014). Yet where did this sudden itch for progression result in the direction of agriculture In the following proposition we will explore why water shortages, a need for water, and flooding in ancient times were key factors in the…

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  • The Importance Of Animal Adoption

    Ever thought of bringing your pet to work? It might sound weird but the idea of allowing animals in the workplace is not as barking as you think. In fact, the glimpse of your furry friend around the office is not only cute, but also beneficial for your health. By reducing stress-related ailments like heart disease and diabetes, pets can actually raise your life expectancy. Very few people know that some countries even have an annual event called ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’. The day which was…

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