Compare And Contrast Indus River Valley Civilization And Shang Civilization

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As hunter-gatherer civilizations moved to agricultural practices, civilization was born. Two of these initial prominent societies existed in the Indus River Valley Civilization and the Shang Dynasty. While these civilizations are dissimilar from one another and recognized for their lasting contributions, both also controlled links politically, technologically, and economically. The Shang Dynasty influenced a stratified structure of government ruled by a king. Aristocrats, warriors, and government representatives met at the uppermost of the social ranking. Artisans and traders needed the same admiration, but their job and livelihood still got them respect. Serfs and peasants who did not possess any property sit at the lowest of the ranking tailed …show more content…
They urbanized new tools and farming practices such as irrigation systems, vessels, shovels, and plows. Most notably, the dynasty made important improvements in weaponry and tool equipment during the bronze and iron ages. Because they were a belligerent civilization, they made outstanding spears and halberds and later even advanced the first horse drawn chariots. The Harappans also are known for having superior writing and number systems. They created very comparable improvements in agriculture with the addition of wheelbarrows and were also effective in metalworking during the Bronze Age. Their weaponry was less developed because there is slight indication that they involved in many encounters. The Indus Valley also owned difficult grid-like cities and was known as generating the first indoor plumbing. The Shang Dynasty was an agricultural society that grew millet, grains, and maize along the Yellow River. Those who managed the land employed those from lower classes to farm the land for them. Consequently, serfs and slaves completed the most of economic roles although they did not benefit from

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