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  • Narrative Essay About My First Cruise

    Jacobson, the ambassador of Mexico. I also got to witness a wild monkey come right up to my mom's hand and take a grape. The next day would be the last time we would stop before heading home. We stopped at Grand Cayman, Cayman Island and I got to hold a stingray bigger than me and witness a wild sea turtle. After boarding back onto the boat, we had a two day trip ahead of us to Florida. During this time I went to see multiple plays and comedies with my friends. I also gained about ten pounds…

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  • Stonefish Research Paper

    of these animals lives in the warm and shallow waters. Venomous marine animals divides into vertebrates and invertebrates , It is believed that there are at least 200 species of poisonous vertebrate fish distributed throughout the world including stingrays, scorpionfish, stonefish, catfish, that differ in Both the number and severity of injury (Kizer et al., 1983)., venomous fish got the attention of scientists in recent years, and their knowledge of the toxic fish species, the nature and the…

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  • Really Have True Privacy

    Do Americans Really Have True Privacy "History has shown us that sacrificing our right to privacy can have dire consequences -- we still live in a world where all people are not treated equally. Too many people do not feel free to practice their religion or express their opinion, or love who they choose," (Peterson) In the fourth amendment it states that the American people have the right to privacy. This is not well enforced and this right is often overlooked. Even on the internet the privacy…

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  • Benefits To Be A Veterinarian

    With the growing job outlook for veterinarians, there are many benefits of choosing this occupation. Vets get great medical, dental and vision coverage (veterinarian salary & benefits information). Veterinarians receive paid sick leave and a paid vacation of two-four weeks. Over the next ten years, there is a positive outlook of over twelve percent growth (veterinarian salary & benefits information). The whole purpose of being a veterinarian is to work with animals and bring them back to health;…

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  • George Orwell's 1984 Being Compared To Our World Today

    “Big Brother is Watching you”: Examining the Party Watching the Citizens in 1984 Being Compared to our World Today In George Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith is battling with Oceana and ultimately Big Brother throughout the book.. The party is always examining all the people on every move they make with the telescreen. Winston thinks he found a safe place in Mr. Charrington's upstairs room for Julia and him to hang out together but he rats out Julia and Winston. Winston tries to stay loyal to not…

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  • Summary: Tilikum Kill A Seaworld Aquarium

    Aquariums are million-dollar businesses that run on the suffering of marine animals. Wild orcas and dolphins are supposed to swim large distances everyday. In tanks these animals can only swim in circles or short lines. They are told to do tricks that have no meaning and are being taken away from family members when they’re taken to different tanks or parks. Most animals in aquariums die way before they’re supposed to. The vast majority of sea animals are ripped away from their families and put…

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  • Fort Myers: A Short Story

    It’s about 82 degrees on this beautiful morning in Fort Myers it’s approximately 9:15. We have been here for about 8 days now, I just got out of bed and walked to the porch where I love sitting and eating breakfast and listening to the waves coming in and out. I sit on the chair and realize there is a sharp pain in my foot…… I look down at my foot and realize that my foot is like 2 times its size without thinking I scream and my mom and grandma come running. They open the sliding door and ask…

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  • St Helens Narrative

    late, I glanced some more over the crinkled piece of paper ‘there will be an unoccupied vehicle approximately 300 meters from the north entrance from where you exited” I scanned around until my eyes fell upon a black tented 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. I casually walked towards the car, threw my accessories in and removed the set of keys from my pocket and drove from its initial parking spot. There on the dashboard was a colored coded pined map of Oregon, light sketches from my current…

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  • Existentialism In Steve Irwin's The Crocodile Hunter

    One of my personal heroes who displays naturalist intelligence is Steve Irwin (1962-2006). As a kid, I grew up watching Steve’s television series, “The Crocodile Hunter”, a wildlife documentary show which followed Steve as he went out into the wild in various countries around the world to interact with animals. His show went on to become the highest ever rated on the Animal Planet channel. Steve was a strong supporter of environmentalism and the conservation of endangered species. One of his…

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  • Theaetetus Character Analysis

    boy who first answers incorrectly with confidence, and then after being puzzled by Socrates, recognizes that he did not know and was then prompted to enquire about it. Socrates then asks Meno, “By making him puzzled, then, and numbing him like a stingray, have we done him any harm?” to which Meno replies that it did not. This shows that Socrates’ teachings are not corrupting or harmful to his associates, something that he was accused of in Apology, but rather it makes them better off in living a…

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