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  • What Is Edward Snowden Unethical

    Edward Snowden is responsible for one of the largest acts of espionage ever committed. He revealed sensitive information about wrongdoings of the Central Intelligence Agency, who were guilty of unethical acts of phone and internet surveillance. INTRODUCTION Edward Snowden, a former contractor employed to the CIA in the United States of America, left the country after leaking sensitive information to the public about extensive acts of internet and phone surveillance by the American government for…

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  • Trip To Hawaii

    irritates is, so it covers it with a smooth hard shell. I learned about a myth about how sea shells sound like the sea, and why Hawaii had islands, not solid land. The next day we went on a cruise around the islands of and saw dolphins, multiple fish, stingrays, sea turtles, bamboo sharks and other sharks, and I saw a whale breach. It had a huge splash, and the whale was giant. People tell you it’s huge, but you never realize how huge huge is until you see it. The third day was the last good…

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  • Tfi Aquarium Case Study

    TFI Aquarium With over 120 fish tanks and pet cages in the shop TFI Aquarium and Pet Center was one of the bigger pet stores in the state of Iowa. TFI opened for business in April of 1972. The original address of the shop was on Broadway, but as the city of Altoona began to grow the address got changed to 8th St. SW Altoona in 1975. When TFI opened their were only 1500 people living in the Town. Due to TFI being one of the larger pet stores people who didn't even have the desire to go fishing…

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  • David Gruber: A Rhetorical Analysis

    Essay writing is an excellent technique to convey information and express one’s thoughts on a subject matter towards an audience. David Gruber, a marine biologist, performed an informative, yet engrossing TED talk, on October 2015, concerning the fascinating sea creatures that inhabit the world’s unfathomable sea. His utilization of an implicit thesis and strong supporting arguments, multiple literary devices and methods of developments, and his overall purpose and effectiveness of the oral…

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  • Race To Extinction Analysis

    I always knew what we were doing to the world was bad but I never thought it was this bad. Everything people are doing that they don't think is affecting the world and all the animals they need to think again. Tons of people are ruining the planet and because of this animals are starting to go extinct faster than ever before. One person doesn't think they might be doing much by driving a car or killing an animal. But even though it's one person that's how everyone thinks so it's tons of people.…

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  • Ron Clements: Moana Analysis

    Iowa native Ron Clements released his animated movie Moana in 2016. It is a Fantasy/Adventure movie that was adored by the many that gazed at it. As someone who adores animated movies, the enjoyment I had was baffling. Moana explores a young girl's dream to adventure, which was bashed by a demigod who ruined humanity. This movie mixes the art of adventure and the art of war as the young girl tries to restore humanity itself. This leads to the theme of stick to what you believe in no matter what…

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  • Hawaii Narrative

    husband. We are on our way to Hawaii I was scared because that was my first plane ride over the ocean. When we got there it was so nice. We went to a limo to our hotel, our hotel was Pacific beach hotel . Our hotel had a huge fish tank with stingrays and a lot of fish and our hotel had a pool and a jacuzzi. Right after that we went to the ocean to go swimming when I was swimming in the ocean I saw a fish. Our…

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  • Dory In A Sociological Approach To Self And Identity

    Short term memory is “the information retained in the brain and retrievable from it over a brief span of time (contrasted with long-term memory) (Dictionary a, n.d.).” When this portion of the brain isn’t working properly, there are several issues that can arise in an individual when it comes in term of functioning properly in society. Dory, the main character, is a fish who has struggled with this short term memory loss. Throughout the movie, Dory was struggling with socialization in the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Dolphin Trainer

    Strawberry Popsicle and salt water never left my taste buds since I spent all day swimming and taking advantage of the unlimited snack stands. I fed birds, touched stingrays, and snorkeled with various tropical fish, but I could not wait for my half hour at the end of the day to swim with dolphins. When it was finally my family’s shift, we walked what felt like a terribly long distance to the shack where we watched an…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The East Coast Trip

    The East Coast trip Over, the summer I went on many exciting adventures/trips but today I am going to tell you about the East Coast trip. I very was excited for this trip as I would be gone from home for two weeks and would visit 3 states that I had never been to and florida. The first city/state I visited was Atlanta, Georgia this was my first time coming to Georgia. I stayed in Atlanta, Georgia for 3 days. The day after we arrived in Georgia we went to the Atlanta, Georgia zoo and saw…

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