Olmec Religion Research Paper

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Olmec Religion

Report By Uyen Pham

Who, why, and how did the Olmec worship?

The Olmec were rich in religion, all ceremonial or activity in the religion were done by shamans, people who were believed to have supernatural powers to spirits. Priests and rulers also participated in ceremonial activities, but rulers were the most influential to others because they were thought to be relatives of the gods in Olmec religion.

At first, historians thought that the religion was revolved around a jaguar god, but later on, a historian named Joralemon Peter David, found that the Olmec religion was actually based around 8 supernatural beings, or gods. In the present, many of the gods are still in study, with few details known, but there is information that has been found about the gods: The Olmec Dragon, it is a god that represents our Earth, agriculture, fertility, fire, and other worldly things. Another god is the Bird Monster. It represented the skies, sun, ruler ship, and agriculture in the Olmec religion. The third god is the Fish Monster, also known as the Shark Monster, represented the underworld, and other things that might've been lost in time.The fourth god, is the Maize God, because maize was an important staple of the Olmec's, they decided to worship a god based on corn. The fifth god, is the Water God, usually in the same "idea" of the Maize God, because of water corn could grow. So just because of that very reason, they dedicated a god to water. The sixth god, is the Banded-Eye God. Little is known
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Surprisingly, human skeletons are also found in those sites also, suggesting human sacrifices, especially of infants.

That, above, is what I found out about the ancient Olmec religion, and I've learned a lot from this

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