Descriptive Essay: Dunn's River Falls

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The Uphill Climb
We are on our final stop of the cruise before we have to head back to the United States. I walk out of the ship and see a faded light blue sign saying “Welcome to Ocho Rios, Jamaica!”. Below in white letters there is a list of things to do. One thing catches my eye, it says “Climb the famous Dunn’s River Falls”. There is a lot of things that has happened before this. As soon as we get onto the boat I run out with my family to go see the deck and what kind of adventures it holds. There is a slide, but the real thing that catches my eye is the ice cream machine. I stand on my tip toes and put my cone to the top as I try to reach the top to bring down the vanilla deliciousness. I wake up to see land outside of my window, we have been at sea for the last day. I think we are at the Cayman Islands. My tongue brushes my lone front tooth,
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I have a blue snorkel on but it doesn’t help since my front teeth are gone. I start to feed the stingrays careful to keep my thumb tucked under so they do not mistake it for food. They are slimy, and swim awkwardly. The next day, we are at sea again and I head to the hot tub with my cousins and sisters. We hang out there, and all of the parents go to play bowling. When we get out it is lunchtime, I have two cones of ice cream, pizza, pasta, salad, and fruit. Tomorrow morning we will be in Mexico. When we get off of the boat there are a lot of women with tight braids, called corn rows, on the beach. They are braiding people’s hair, including mine. When they start to braid they make it super tight, it is hard for me not to cry. Mine only goes halfway down my scalp, but my cousin has hers all the way down to her shoulders. We tour the city, my grandpa occasionally chirping in to talk about the history. By the end of the day we are back on the boat, headed to our final destination-

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