A Day In The Ocean Research Paper

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I can still hear the soothing sound of the waves crashing down as I woke up from my nap with sweat glueing my sun beaten face to the blanket upon a bed of sand. Digging holes with my dad or riding the surf my long days by the ocean exhausted my younger self. For as long as I can remember at the same time in July every year my family set to the road for a 6 hour journey to the coast. A tradition that has been a part of my family for years. When we finally arrived at the breathtaking shore, we wasted no time before jumping through the waves. Those moments are cherished by all members of my family. Wave after wave, day after day, summer after summer, the years passed faster than ever.
Every day with the sun I woke up to run on the beach and then after some breakfast, I would paddle out for a day on the water. Spending every waking moment I could in the ocean told me I was like a fish dancing around the waters. I just couldn't get enough. I could float out in the water and feel the rhythm of the ocean forever. The fish would swim by and brush my ankles. The dolphins would play in the waves in front of me, sometimes if the water was clear enough I could see a stingray sweeping the ocean floor like a zamboni sweeping the ice with great ease. I would walk up and down the shore looking for
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The piles of sand that turned into my castles and the waves that tore down their walls were my biggest concerns. The fish in the sea where my friends and where the water met the grainy shore was my palace. I lived for the sunset which casted glorious rays of gold that danced upon my salty hair. I loved the breeze that sprayed me with a salty mist. My world could fit snowglobe everything I cared to acknowledge about the world all in one little snapshot that I called my life. When we headed home that year I took with me only the memories and marks where the sun had kissed my

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