Moina Character Analysis

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Moana is a curious young girl who is raised on Motunui Island. She is drawn to the ocean as soon as she can walk and has a connection with it, the ocean makes way for her as to protect her and draw her closer in. The movie starts off with Moana’s grandmother, aka “the crazy island lady” as she refers to herself and she is telling a story which appears to be a legend to young children. It’s about the trick playing demigod Maui who stole the Mother Island Te Fiti’s heart thousands of years ago. Eventually, everyone and everything will die because of this curse. Moana looks in awe as her grandmother explains how the ocean chose somebody to find Maui and return the heart to Te Fiti and end the curse. Chief Tui, who is Moana’s father is extremely …show more content…
“Who are you meant to be?”, she asks Moana. As Moana enters the cave she hears voices and can feel the presence of her ancestors as explorers. Their presence is extremely strong, and this strikes a feeling of strength in Moana that she had not had before. Moana knows this is something she must do, and is extremely eager about it. Soon after, Moana’s grandmother gets sick and while she’s lying on her death bed she tells Moana she needs to go and places the necklace she wore around Moana’s neck. Inside is Te Fiti’s heart. Moana runs out with mixed emotions and starts packing food for her journey. Her mother comes in the dark and helps her then kisses her goodbye. As she’s passing the reef on her boat, a glow of a stingray swims to her and she knows it’s her grandmother. After a bad storm she wakes up on the island where Maui is, unsure how she made it there but it’s because of the ocean and her grandmother. When she sees Maui, she realizes he is self-centered and stubborn. Moana eventually convinces him to go with her to restore Te Fiti’s heart under one condition, that he gets his hook back from Tamatoa, a gigantic self-absorbed collector of shiny things. This hook that Maui seeks was a gift from the Gods and it gave him the power to turn into

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