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  • Essay On Great Barrier Reef

    Great Barrier Reef is the perfect habitat for many species of marine life such as coral and over one thousand five hundred species of fish. The reef contains many different life forms such as: fish, sea turtles, giant clams, sea snakes, nudibranch, stingray, sharks, seahorses, and numerous other species. The Great Barrier Reef also provides support to the ecosystem through its ability to form coral and allow other marine life to live among the coral. The reef is threatened through climate…

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  • Essay On Mayan Civilization

    even gods themselves. Almost all important everyday acts, such as childbirth, burial rituals, and the kings inheritance of power, had a bloodletting ritual that went along with it. The act was started by the person cutting themselves with thorns and stingray spines in various places of the body, usually the tongue for women and the penis for men. A rope was then pulled through the wound to draw blood, and the blood onto strips of bark paper. After, the paper was burned and the blood was sent up…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Exhilarating Vacation In My Life

    snorkeling, I inspected a school of fish, obviously I did not know what kind of fish they were. All I know is that all the fish were brightly colored. There were all colors of the rainbow under the surface of the water. My cousin even spotted a stingray further out from shore. The week whisked by extremely fast, and before we knew it, we were already on our last morning in Puerto Rico. The last morning was by far the best morning , because there were two whales swimming side by side . One…

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  • Carnival Triumph

    After booking the cheapest vacation we had ever booked it was time to go. My family and I were full of excitement crossing the Galveston Causeway, it was then we saw the cruise ship we were about to board after months of waiting. The Carnival Triumph looked massive as it was visible from miles away. The thirteen deck ship is a eight hundred nighty-three foot long. We could not wait to explore all of its wonders. Arriving to the port there so was much commotion. People were scrambling to make…

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  • Noongar Boodjar Analysis

    My essay seeks to establish the importance of Noongar boodjar to the Noongar people. It focuses on explaining the significant attachment that Noongar people possess regarding their place names and why it is deeply rooted in them. Noongar people not only outlived European colonization but also flourished as family groups and obtained assert their rights to their boojar. For Noongar people, the southwest of Western Australia is ngulla booja-our country. Noongar Elder Angus Wallam quoted “White…

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  • Narrative In Wildlife Program: The Crocodile Hunter

    Narrative in wildlife program - The Crocodile Hunter “I reckon that’s a big one.” I whispered with glee while skipping on a treacherous trail I created with sofa pillows, staring intently at an imaginary crocodile. “Crikey!” I shouted as the imaginary crocodile leapt at me with wide-open jaws. Without any hesitation, I jumped on it and wrestled it as though my life depended on it. After minutes of wild trashing, I emerged victorious, subduing the ferocious crocodile with my bare hands. “That…

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  • Pixar Hero Journey Analysis

    Being born with short term memory loss is awful. It causes you to forget who someone is, where you come from, and most of the time you end up repeating yourself. In the animated Pixar movie “Finding Dory”, Dory (the main character) is a blue tang fish that has had short term memory loss all her life. Reluctantly after finding a home with her new friends for about a year, Dory has a dream. In that dream she has a family (a mom and a dad) that lived at the Jewel of Morro Bay. What dory doesn 't…

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  • What Is The Moral Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell

    George Orwell was born in India because his father was a civil servant. A year after his birth George’s mom had decided to take the children back to England while his father worked in India. George did not see much of his father when he was a kid. He was a feeble child when growing up, constantly dealing with bronchitis and the flu. George was an avid writer, writing his first poem at only the age of four. When he wrote the book, he was envisioning an extremely oppressive future where your whole…

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  • Orca Dolphins Essay

    ORCA WHALES Did you know that people have developed sonar because of studying how orcas detect things using a series of clicking that they send out through their melon, or that orca’s skin grows 290 times faster than skin on your arm (Throp)? You can learn about many more things by studying orca whales. These are only a few things about orcas that have been studied; the appearance of orcas, how they hunt, and their relationship with dolphins. Orcas detect things using clicking noises that they…

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  • John Smith's Journey In The New World

    John Smith was born in 1580, in Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England. He worked many jobs and had many different roles throughout his history. He worked as a merchant’s apprentice, a soldier, an explorer and a founder of one of the first permanent English colonies in the New World. John Smith was also a publisher and wrote many books on his journeys in America. He faced many obstacles in his life. He was enslaved by the Turks as a young man in the military. He also faced some of his own crew when…

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