Research Paper On Seahorses

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Did you know that seahorses are the only sea animal where the male gives birth instead of the female. What about the fact that seahorses can eat up to 3,000 shrimp per day. While they are sleeping they wrap their tails around seaweed so they don’t float away. Of course, seahorses are very interesting and one of the most interesting animals in marine life. This paper will explain the birth,food,and adaptations of a seahorse. First of all,this is all about a seahorses birth. Their birth is very interesting here are some facts about it. Only 1% of seahorses survive when they are born due to the currents and predators. About 2,000 “fry” are born at a time. When they are born,like other fish, the parents leave them on their own. Before the male gives birth he waits 45 days till they are fully emerged from the pouch. Surprisingly, seahorses are known for staying with the same mate for the rest of their lives. During the mating process the female
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First of all, they don’t swim well, so the rely on their dorsal fin to help them get around easier. Weirdly, they swim upright which is very odd according to aquatic life. Usefully, seahorses tails allow them to pick up items and to hold them just like we do with our hands. Also, the average lifespan for a seahorse is about 4 to 6 years. Seahorses are not able to bend their tail backwards. Even though, seahorses aren’t related to any type of horses, their face features are very similar. They have a small crown on their bodies called a coral net and it is very unique for each and every one of them. Did you know that much about seahorses? Now you do.

In conclusion, the seahorses physical features and the breeding of seahorses are shocking facts. The seahorse has many interesting features such as its birth, it’s food, and adaptations. In the future, when you come across a seahorse you will know a lot more about

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