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  • Annotated Bibliography: The Bermuda Pyramid

    Bibliography Loxton, D. (2003). THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE. Skeptic, 10(3), 96-104. Retrieved from http://ezproxy.libraries.wright.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=11824529&site=eds-live#.VvNNBM5xITc.mailto The article illustrates the place where small boats, huge ships and even powerfull militery aircraft sometimes sail out into calm, clear weather and then just vanish without a trace. This is the dead Bermuda triangle. This is located at off the east coast…

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  • Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

    Imagine being in a plane and it randomly goes down over the Bermuda Triangle. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, Bermuda Triangle is a general area in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean where planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared over the years. It received it’s name from a magazine after an extremely popular disappearance known as Flight 19. Nobody knows for sure if the Bermuda Triangle is real because science cannot explain many disappearances including the USS Cyclops, Ellen…

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  • The First Disappearance In The Bermuda Triangle

    in the Bermuda Triangle? Ships have vanished without a trace and aircraft disappear with no sign of where they went. There have been countless cases where aircraft and boats have shown no signs or radioed that they were in distress. Boats have showed up without any crew members and there is no damage to the boat. There have been many possible reasons that have surfaced in recent years. From scientific reasons to conspirators believing it is the work of aliens, the Bermuda Triangle is a puzzle…

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  • The Bermuda Triangle: The Conspiracy

    The Bermuda Triangle The Conspiracy By Damon Scott II Ever since the Columbus incident,when Columbus went to explore in 1492,his compass wasn’t working and now he started to panic because he didn’t know where he was, then his crew panicked and somehow ended up back where they were. Edward Van Winkle, claims that strange things are happening, but Larry Kusche thinks a lot different. Edward Van Winkle claims that pirates control the Bermuda Triangle waters or Atlantis’s energy floor from the…

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  • Pascal's Triangle Essay

    Introduction I’m going to start this paper with introducing the history of Pascal’s Triangle, time ranging from 2nd century BC to 18th century AD. Among all the academic works by ancient mathematicians, I’m going to focus on Jiu Zhang Suan Shu [Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art] composed by Chinese scholars around 2nd century BC-10th century AD. I will use the binomial expansions derived from Pascal’s triangle as an example and then illustrate the coefficients expansion in general. After…

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  • What Is The Disappearance Of Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory

    Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan Crashed in the Ocean Before They Could Make it to Howland Island. Coast Guard Itasca was waiting for the arrival of Earhart and Noonan off a little island called Howland Island. Amelia Earhart sent one last transmission to Itasca where she stated that her and Noonan thought they were close to the island, but their plane was running on the verge of empty. Soon there were no sign of the plane, according to Szalay’s website (2017) Itasca started immediately on a two…

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  • Bermuda Triangle Research Paper

    “Devil´s” Triangle is in a remote part of the Earth, where many ships and aircrafts have vanished without leaving a single trace. More than 2000 vessels and 75 aircraft in the last 500 years have being reported missing. Modern scientist do not have an answer, just many theories trying to solve the disappearance. These range from extraterrestrial activity to reverse gravity field among others. Today, even with new and accurate technology the wrecks have not been located. The Bermuda Triangle has…

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  • Comparison Of O Pioneers And Ethan Frome

    the more similarities you may find throughout both books. I find it funny that the similarities are not more recognised in the reading world, because they are so recognisable, yet it hasn’t been much noticed. The two books contain, lust, a love triangle, attempted murder, heartbreak, and much more. Ethane Frome is a story about a man, Ethan Frome, who falls in love with his very “unhealthy”…

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  • Tally In Uglies

    All an ugly has ever dreamt of is to be pretty. What does is mean to be pretty? Does it mean just a symmetrical face, exquisite bone structure, and flawless skin? Or is there so much more that is all kept a secret? In Scott Westerfeld’s novel, Uglies, Tally Youngblood is just another ugly longing for her sixteenth birthday on which she is to turn pretty. All is well until she finds out that being pretty isn’t really as beautiful as it seems. Throughout the novel the theme of appearance showed…

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  • Examples Of Betrayal In The Uglies

    Have you ever been betrayed? Have you ever loved? Have you ever betrayed anyone else? Everyone go through their lives meeting new people everyday. Sometimes we end up getting to know eachothers very well and others not so much. But for the ones people end up loving, they might lose. When they lose someone, it might feel as betray. This part of a theme shown through the Uglies series. The Uglies series is about a girl, Tally, trying to find herself and become pretty while other’s influence her…

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