Compare And Contrast She's The Man And Twelfth Night

Why Twelfth Night and She 's the Man are Alike

Twelfth Night and She 's the Man are similar in some themes and plot, but only have obvious contrast between time periods, theme, and motive leaving it mostly similar. Twelfth Night is a play written by Shakespeare and is a play that takes place in the 1620’s and is about how Viola (the main character) disguises herself as a man and becomes a servant to a man to help a noblewoman (Olivia) go through the stages of grief after Olivia 's brother dies ; Viola is able to help because her brother died as well and knows what she is going through, but Viola doesn 't know that her brother is alive and she looks like him because they 're twins so they end up crossing each other path and screwing up each
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In Twelfth Night, Duke explains “love,” to be an “appetite,” that he can 't satisfy (Act 1,1-3) another point in the story he calls his desires “fell and cruel hounds,”(Act1, 21). No matter how hard Duke Orsino tries he’s not able to let go of his feelings for Olivia and it hurts him by serving as a constant reminder of something he can’t have. In She’s the Man Viola is in love with the Duke, exactly like in Twelfth Night, and she is not able to have him because he is in love with Olivia,, but Viola does everything in her power to sabotage his attempts at hooking up with Olivia. Olivia is actually in love with the male version of Viola , same as in Twelfth Night. Twelfth Night doesn 't really involve much about gender equality accept how Viola dresses like a man because revealing her true identity could get her into trouble since it was bad for a women to be without manly protection which is a possible theory ,but Viola explains that she only wants to disguise herself to buy her some time “And might not be delivered to the world.Till I had made my own occasion mellow, What my estate is.”(1.1.42-45). Viola describes how she wants to buy more time to reveal herself. In She’s the Man the whole reason Viola dressed as a women was to prove a point and that is that a girl can play sports, or anything for that matter, just as good as any guy can. …show more content…
Viola wants to help Olivia since she has lost her brother as well, or so she thinks, and knows what Olivia is going through. The captain explains Olivia 's situation as a woman who has no man by her side Olivia then replies “O that I served that lady,”(43). Viola wants to serve Olivia to get close enough to aid in Olivia 's’ well-being. Viola (STM) wants to prove that women are equal to men when she dresses as her brother and joins the boys soccer team. The message she tries to send is that there should be equality in the way people treat both sexes because both men and women can act like each other and deserve to be accepted as such. When she dresses as her twin brother the only thing that goes through her mind is how she could prove that she’ll be a great asset to the soccer team and that she’s not afraid to get hurt or anything, just because she’s a girl doesn 't mean that she can’t play rough when she needs to. Although they are different in motive they are similar again, in

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