Twelfth Night

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  • Twelfth Night Gender

    What Shakespeare does in his comedic play Twelfth Night is that he deconstructs notions of gender and social class; however, he also stresses the futility of going against said social norms especially in Elizabethan society. Throughout the play, clothing is shown as a prime marker for, among other things, identity and social class. Some characters use clothing as a means of climbing up the social ladder; whereas others happen to flip the gender script by using clothing to highlight that gender is performed. By deconstructing gender, Shakespeare in turn violates Elizabethan heteronormativity. This is depicted with the attraction of Olivia to Viola’s male alter ego Cesario; as well as with the homoerotic feelings expressed between Antonio and Sebastian. Although gender and social class norms are deconstructed, desires never truly get granted, and often times said social norms are often reinstated and reinforced. The title of the…

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  • Twelfth Night Relationships

    Relationship Contrasts in Twelfth Night In his play Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare plays with identity when it comes to gender and to love. As the paths of his various characters cross, it becomes clear that he is writing relationships where romantic relationships are weak, but family and master/servant relationships are strong. A strong relationship is the master/servant relationship between Sebastian and Antonio. Antonio heals up Sebastian after the shipwreck, and he is very devoted to…

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  • Excess In The Twelfth Night

    The Twelfth Night or What you will is a play written by William Shakespeare in about 1601-02. It is a comedy which focuses around the romantic relationships of the twins Viola and Sebastian and their love interests Orsino and Olivia on the island of Illyria. The play has a comedic twist by including an element of crossdressing, which in turn brings much confusion to the romantic relationships of the characters.The Twelfth Night was written during the renaissance, which was a time of excess; in…

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  • Duality In Twelfth Night

    The human personality is always changing, and to trust that a personality is stagnant tends to show ignorance. In William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” the fluidity of identity is revealed by the shifting characters and emotions throughout the play. However, two characters in the play parody the shallow nature of stagnancy. In the first act of the play, the reader meets Olivia, a wealthy noblewoman that is in mourning of her brother and father who have recently died. To each of her other…

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  • Viola Twelfth Night

    The protagonist of the play Twelfth Night is highly regarded as Shakespeare’s strongest and most developed female character by both critics and scholars. Viola is a cunning character who prompts a central issue in the play by disguising herself as a man; she provokes hetero- and homoerotic responses. Though Viola is a very intellectual woman, it is not her mind that stirs these emotions from Olivia and Orsino. Due to the soft and gentle features Viola has when in disguise, both males and females…

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  • Hamlet And Twelfth Night Analysis

    Themes are universal lessons and subjects in a piece of writing or book. Both Hamlet and the Twelfth Night have universal themes. The two plays teach valuable lessons throughout the actions going on. Readers are able to recognize themes throughout the plays based on the specific characteristics of each of the plays. The two books have some clear differences. The Twelfth Night was written in 1601 while Hamlet was written in 1599. The different times of being written can allow the reader to…

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  • Betrayal In Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare is known for his history in literature. In every book he has written, the drama that occurs engages the audience. In the play Twelfth Night, there are various parts where drama is created through the forms of betrayal . Throughout this play I, learned that honesty can prevent betrayal just like misunderstandings can create betrayal. Although there were many forms of betrayal demonstrated towards the end of the play, there was only one friendship in the form of betrayal between the…

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  • Twelfth Night Analysis

    In the play Twelfth Night, written by William Shakespeare, we learn its comparison to a movie titled She's the Man directed by Andy Fickman. Both the play and the movie are very similar in the case that the main characters name is Viola. The movie illustrates the need for Viola to play for and be accepted by a soccer team. In the play, Viola is shipwrecked and is searching to find a viable source of income in a part of the world she doesn't know. In both adaptations, Viola dresses as a boy to…

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  • Trickery In Twelfth Night

    In the play “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare, there is a lot of deception and deceivery. Some of it is for necessity, Some for another’s benefit, and even some of it is just for fun. I will be explaining some of the trickery that goes on throughout the play. Viola most likely deceives the most people by disguising herself as a man, not as a way to manipulate people and get what she wants, but she does it as a way of survival. She originally did it so she could get a job performing and…

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  • Manipulation In Twelfth Night

    William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night alludes to a variety of themes that commonly include false identity, role-playing, and love. The general plot of the play could be described as a cross-dressing comedy about a woman, Viola, who tries to gain the attention and love of a Duke, Orsino, with obstacles along the way, including Olivia, the Duke’s love interest. The themes mentioned are developed and sometimes scrutinized by the play’s characters, such as Orsino, Olivia, and Feste the clown. In…

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