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  • Drug Treatment Essay

    accepted the fact that you have a drug addiction problem, your next step is to get help. There are different Levels of Care for Drug Treatment Centers as well as different types of treatment. Patient have various needs that depend upon the extent of their addiction and the type of drug that is being abused. The following is an overview of what is available, and the needs that are met for particular individuals. Inpatient or residential programs These types of programs are considered to be the most effective treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. Basically, a patient checks into a rehabilitation facility and remains there for…

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  • Persuasive Speech Outline On Alcohol Abuse

    Its philosophy relies on a higher power to maintain sobriety; however, members can define God as they understand him. This option is beneficial for many different cultures and faiths because it does not require members to have an exclusive definition of a deity. That is, someone’s higher power may be completely different from another person’s, but they are both able to participate in the Twelve Step program. A.A. views alcoholism as a physical, mental and spiritual disease: therefore, it is…

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  • Revised Drug-Free Workplace Policy

    This paper discusses the costs associated with implementing a revised Drug-Free Workplace Policy (DFWP). The six steps recommended for implementing the revised DFWP will be listed with the costs associated with each step. The original DFWP is listed in Addendum 1 and a revised DFWP is listed in Addendum 2. Gong and Janssen (2012) believe that organizations must use a business management process to adapt the implementation of policies to the many different stakeholders, the negotiations of…

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  • Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Research Paper

    The first step involves the member admitting to their addiction. The second, is when they come to believe that there is a higher power to help them get through their addiction. Third states that they will turn over their lives to the higher power, God. The fourth step involves analyzing themselves and their morals. In the fifth step they admit to their wrong doings. Sixth, they allow God to rid themselves of their flawed character. Seventh, God will rid their past failures. In the eighth step,…

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  • Group Therapy Case Study Example

    Once Susan decides that she wants to try to quit she will be moved from the housing she is currently in to sober living while she tries Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP). This therapy will include individual therapy with me because we have built a relationship at this point and Susan’s culture is not very trusting of new people. In IOP Susan can get the therapy she needs and help with relapse prevention, this would also be a safe environment to re-introduce her to group therapy. In one of her…

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  • Reflection Paper About Aa Meeting

    discussion beginners meeting, which includes sharing of personal stories on a certain topic. Out of the pre-conversation I could detect that 4 out of the 9 attended these meetings regularly while the other 6 (including me) were first timers. After entering the room and sitting down in a small circle we were about 10 people attending the meeting. I immediately recognized a religious connection with the group/program which I didn’t ever considered before. Not that it bothered me, knowing that most…

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  • Al-Anon Family Group Case Study

    Al-Anon Family Group Al-Anon is a support group for family members of those who are struggling with alcoholism and using the twelve-step model (Fisher & Harrison, 2013). It is a program designed for people who want to recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking. The sole purpose of Al-Anon is to help families of alcoholics. Members share their experiences with others and learn how to apply the principles of the twelve-step program to their specific situations. Members of Al-Anon learn…

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  • Narcotics Anonymous Case Study

    History of the Organization Narcotics Anonymous was developed in the early 1950s and stemmed from Alcoholics Anonymous, which began in the late 1940s (Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 2016). In the beginning, NA consisted of In the beginning, NA began with the first meetings in Los Angeles, California, USA (Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 2016). The expansive growth of NA to a worldwide organization has reached The Meeting Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc.…

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  • 12 Step Meetings: Alcoholics Anonymous

    12-Step Meetings Summary As a nursing student, each student has to attend and observe two twelve step meetings such as alcohol anonymous, narcotic anonymous, or cocaine anonymous as part of the community health project. I attended two alcoholics anonymous meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as the AA, is an alcoholism treatment program. There are group meetings in which individuals share their personal experiences about alcoholism and motivate each other to stay sober. According to AA…

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  • 12 Steps Of Narcotics Anonymous

    I attended a 12 step meeting held by the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. The meeting was open to addicts, non-addicts, and beginners. The focus was placed on the needs of the new members of Narcotics Anonymous, discussion of the Just for Today text, and the twelve steps of Narcotics Anonymous. The name of the fellowship is We Qualify. The meeting was held in the basement of a church and lasted for 90 minutes. The meeting commenced at 7:00pm and ended at 8:30pm. The room was large, clean,…

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