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  • Thebes Misogyny In Sophocles Antigone

    as necromancy by the Athenian state. He was convicted by the states, forced to commit suicide, and hailed as a hero by all, except the state and state supporters, for not backing down from his ideology. A similar case can be seen in Antigone by Sophocles, written around 441 BC. In order to uphold her morals, Antigone killed herself. Throughout the entirety of the play, she was portrayed as a hero for attempting to get both of her brothers buried. Her brothers were engaged in a civil war over…

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  • Gender Biases In Sophocles Antigone

    Gender Bias in Antigone In Sophocles ' Antigone, gender biases are quite prevalently used to portray the inequality between men and women in a misogynistic society. Sophocles used the major conflict between Kreon and Antigone to demonstrate this ideology. Kreon, who was Antigone’s uncle and the ruler of Thebes, would not listen to her reasoning simply because she was a woman. To this effect, the community viewed Antigone as a rebellious, headstrong woman for the same reasons. However if she…

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  • Masculinity In Sogore, By Sophocles Antigone

    Throughout the play of Antigone, Sophocles emphasizes Antigone’s unexpected masculinity, her determination to correct a wrong, and her defiance of the patriarchal system led by Creon in order to show that society is hostile to deviant females. When Antigone takes the role of executing the burial of her brother’s body, she is unexpectedly assuming masculine traits, as Ancient Greek women were not the first ones to bury their loved ones, and is receiving societal backlash when she does so. When…

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  • Sophocles Gender Rules In Antigone

    Sophocles’ Gender Rules In Antigone, early on it becomes evident that Antigone has a bold and unapologetic character. This characterization is automatically different from the presumed thought of well-known women of the time. Most Greek dramas feature wives who have very few lines and cater to their husbands every need. There are few women depicted in Greek drama able to stand on their own as Antigone did. The sense of feminine inferiority was alive and well in Ancient Greece, as in much of the…

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  • Divine Mediation In Sophocles Antigone

    Divine mediation is the glue that holds together the morality of Antigone in Sophocles play of the same name, but the divine law of life is not as territorial as Creon’s man-made interventions. The central conflict of Antigone is between this moral divide of man or god and which one accounts for society. From the conflict analysis presented by Professor Francisco J. Gonzalez, Walter Kaufmann’s defense of the essential Greek tragedy in the case of Antigone provides a clearer perspective that both…

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  • Creon, Oedipus, Sophocles Conformity And Nonconformity

    Although most of them were bad he tried to make up for them. Some of his many bad decisions was being stubborn and being closed minded, Sophocles shows this when Creon says, “ I have made the following decision concerning the sons of Oedipus: Eteocles… is to be buried with full military honors… Polyneices, I say is to have no burial” (Sophocles 777). This is showing his stubbornness by showing how he cant change his mind for his nephews whom he should love unconditionally even if that person…

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  • The Responsibility Of Creon In Sophocles Antigone

    In the play Antigone by Sophocles, Creon has recently been appointed as king of Thebes due to the recent deaths of his nephews, Polyneices and Eteocles. Although he is new to the throne, he proves himself to be an extraordinarily well rounded king, simultaneously being reasonable, fair, and good to the City of Thebes, as well as his own family. Through his actions and words it is as clear that he wants simply the best for those around him. He also makes decisions for the interest of not only…

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  • Sophocles Antigone And The Peloponnesian War

    Cameron Haberberger 10/20/2017 Humanities: Human and Divine Paper Walter Soffer After thoroughly reading Antigone by Sophocles and The Peloponnesian War told by Thucydides, it is clear both have much to consider when it come to the relation between the human and the divine. Although they both contain examples, Antigone holds a better explanation of the relationship in question. In the book, Antigone wants to bury her brother although she knew Creon ordered not to. Her reasoning for the…

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  • Creon's Desire For Death In Sophocles Antigone

    can be considered nobel; rather possibly commits her actions of disobedience with the purpose of death. “So let me and this ill-considered plan of mine endure this terrible thing;for I will suffer nothing So bad as to deny me a death with honor ( Sophocles 57).” Antigone recognizes clearly that she could have taken better actions to honor her brother, and perhaps avoided the actions that she herself refers to as “ill considered”. However, the very real prospect of death she is faced with does…

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  • Pride In Sophocles Oedipus Rex And Antigone

    everything. Bernanos believed that pride is good in moderation, but having excess of characteristics like these causes people to lose what they work so hard to obtain. Sophocles explores the idea of having traits that can be good in moderation; but those same traits in excess cause people to lose everything they worked so hard to get. In Sophocles 's Oedipus Rex and Antigone, the kings’ excess pride and determination gives them what they want, but it…

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