Pride In Creon's Antigone, By Sophocles

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Pride, a simple word yet endless meanings to a variety of people. For some pride comes first, differing some chose people over pride which many consider is the right thing. Frequently, battling with pride seems like a lose, lose situation. Go against my word or show mercy. Either way someone will find your decision wrong.
In the play Antigone, Creon deals the issue of pride stemming from his decisions. The quote implies that when you’re on a bad path, it 's never too late to fix the bad. The hardest thing, is to admit that you are wrong. The point Sophocles makes is valid, due to the fact that many people make mistakes, yet few will admit to their mistakes, because of this overarching idea of pride.
All around us the idea of pride seems to
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However, many lack the step of repairing the evil. In the book I’m read Safe Haven Katie has an abusive husband and tries to leave him. Kevin her husband was aware later on in life that he was abusive. He understood that it was wrong and told himself that he would never abuse her again. However, even after stating this he continued to beat her eventually resulting in her leaving him. Now the issue with this is that he noticed his flaw but he failed to fix it. He didn’t repair the evil, he didn’t apologize for all his wrong and promise to never abuse her again, he said this but he that abused her again. This book shows that even if you know what you 're doing is wrong you have to fix the bad that you’ve done. You can 't apologize and then do it again. He didn’t “repair the evil”. Lastly, Sophocles makes the point that; “the only crime is pride.” This is a major idea because for many pride rules their life. Being too cool to hang out with someone, or to play a certain sport, these ideas are wrong, yet run some people 's lives. Therefore, this claim of the only crime is pride is valid. An example of this is in the play Antigone Creon doesn’t want to let Antigone live, not because he dislikes her, or is a bad person, he doesn’t want to, the issue is that it would diminish his pride. He feels that he must keep to his word or his pride will be

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