Sodium silicate

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  • The Reactions Of Halocoalkane's Reaction With Halogenalkane

    In experiment 2, we observed that the reaction of halogenoalkanes with aqueous alkali and water which contains dissolved silver nitrate. Halogenoalkanes are alkanes which have one or more hydrogen atoms replaced by halogen atoms such as fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br) and iodine (I) which are the elements in group 7 in periodic table. Halogenoalkanes have the general formula, RX, whereby R is an alkyl or substituted alkyl group and X is any of the halogen atom. Besides, halogenoalkanes…

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  • Solubility Lab Report

    cations of cupric nitrate, ammonium nitrate, zinc nitrate, calcium nitrate, aluminum nitrate, silver nitrate, ferric nitrate, and plumbous nitrate. The other seven solutions should be the anions of sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, potassium sulfate, sodium iodide, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, and sodium chromate. Divide students into groups of two. Provide a bin of paper towels for the students to empty their well plates. Students: Obtain a pair of safety goggles from the goggle…

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  • Road Salt Analysis

    Introduction Finally, a warm day after a harsh winter, so what can you expect, all the ice/snow melting and flowing into our drains or into our grass, soil, and plants (Gould, 2013). Alongside with the ice/snow melting away into our environments so is that salt that was previously used to treat the roads (Gould, 2013). Roadside vegetation can become injured or die to due to the runoff from the treated pavements (Gould, 2013). The salt used for treated pavements is usually chloride-based and is…

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  • Sodium Acetate Sulfuric Acid

    025 mol/L (0.05N) sulfuric Acid. Using a volumetric pipette, add 3 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid to approx. 1500 ml water in 2 liter volumetric flask. Dilute volume with water. Standard Preparations: Accurately weigh 0.240g each std1 and std2 of sodium acetate tri-hydrate W.S. into 100 ml volumetric flask. Then dilute 25 ml to 50 ml with water. Sample Preparation: Dilute with water such that the concentrated of the sample lies within the concentrated range of the appropriate working…

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  • Chromogenic Reagent Lab Report

    Overall the experiment provided significant data, despite problems with reagent contamination. Iron (III)-thiocyanate complexes in equilibrium, meaning that external and internal forces on the equilibrium can shift toward the reactants or the complex. External forces are changes to the chemical or physical environment that effect the equilibrium. Internal forces are changes to the bonds or chemical nature of the complex itself. These effects are used to study the optimal chromogenic reagent,…

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  • Essay On The Difference Between Theoretical Yield And Stoichiometry

    When both solutions are mixed a white precipitate (Calcium Carbonate) is formed alongside Sodium Chloride. A clear colourless liquid is observed as the white precipitate is filtered through the filter paper.…

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  • Dissolved Impurities Lab Report

    The purpose of this lab is to understand the effect that dissolved impurities will have on the freezing point of a mixture and what additive will affect the the freezing point the most. The freezing point of a liquid is, the point of a substance when the temperature of the solid and the liquid is equal. When water freezes the water molecules become organized and come closer together forming crystal particles of ice.When a solute (like salt) and a solvent (like water) mix together the salt…

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  • Light Filter: How You Can Make A Sunprint

    We all know that we have our own unique fingerprints but did you know that you can make sun prints? You may be wondering what a sunprint is, a sunprint is like a unique type of photo made with special sunprint paper that with the help of the sun creates a permanent image. A sunprint is formed when a chemical reaction happens with chemicals inside the paper,but before we talk about that, here is how you make a sunprint. You can make a sunprint by placing an object on a sheet of sunprint paper,…

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  • Classroom Chemical Storage Essay

    ); storage code: White Store nitric acid stored alone away from other acids in a labeled, locked, corrosion resistant cabinet. 0.2 M nitric acid, (HN03); storage code: White Store bases in a labeled, locked, corrosion resistant cabinet. Lab-grade sodium…

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  • A Summary Of Moso Bamboo

    Bast was immersed in 0.85% solution of Triton X-100 at 40 ⁰C for 10 min, followed by soaking in sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution at varies concentrations (1, 2 4, 6 and 8%) at 100 ⁰C for 60 min. For enzymatic retting, the fiber was treated with chelating agent, enthylenediamine-tetraacetic acid, then immersed in 0.85% solution of Triton X-100 at…

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