Sodium silicate

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  • CSX Train Leakage Case Study

    spillage had not been quantified at the time of reporting, however, speculations indicated that the spillage could have been serious, thus detrimental to the environment and a threat to environmental well-being. CSX went ahead to confirm the leakage of sodium hydroxide from a derailed tanker car…

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  • Pill Bug Experiment

    Purpose The purpose of this lab is to investigate animal behaviors by diving into the world of ethology. There are two ways pill bugs will respond to environmental stimuli: Kinesis (non-directional response) and taxis (directional response). Kinesis occurs when organisms (randomly) move around quickly when they’re unhappy and slowly when they’re happy, which is best demonstrated when one lifts up a rock or other material that the pill bugs are under. In contrast to the simpler response that does…

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  • Potassium Phosphate Essay

    Meta description: Potassium phosphate is a supplement that is used to treat or prevent hypophosphatemia. Potassium phosphate is an injection supplement used as a preventative in order to remedy low phosphorus in the blood. Overview Potassium phosphate is an intravenous injection used to prevent or treat hypophosphatemia, low phosphorus in the blood, through the use of a concentrated solution mixture of monobasic and dibasic potassium. Phosphorus occurs naturally in every cell in the body and…

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  • Anion Test Lab Report

    reaction and are formed when cations and anions intermix in an aqueous solution.3 Some reactions vary based on temperature or solute concentration. The determination of precipitates also come from solubility rules. According to Cooper, almost all sodium, potassium, and ammonium salts are soluble which mean that they will not form a precipitate.1 All chlorides, bromides, iodides, and fluorides, nitrates, chlorates, perchlorates, and acetates, and sulfates are also soluble. The only exceptions are…

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  • Case Study Of Smoked Sea Bass Fish

    Smoked Sea Bass Fish Ingredients required: 1. Sea bass – 4-5 lbs, skin-on fillets 2. Water – 1 quarter 3. Salt – 1 cup 4. White granulated sugar – 1 cup 5. Paprika – as per taste Instructions to follow: 1. Dissolve salt and sugar in the brine over a low heat. 2. Let the mixture set to cool. 3. Take Sea Bass, remove fillets and rinse under running water properly. 4. After rinsing, let the fish rest in brine and kept in fridge for at least 6-10 hours. 5. Preheat the smoker and add the wood…

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  • Matched Chemicals Case Study

    this experiment is to determine the type of chemicals that are inside the mislabeled bottles. Materials: • pH strips • 8 bottles of known chemicals: o silver nitrate o iron (III) nitrate o copper (II) nitrate o sodium iodine o sodium hydroxide o nitric acid o lead (II) nitrate o sodium carbonate • 8 bottles of unlabeled chemicals the same contents as known chemicals • 1 well tray Procedure 1. Place 7-10 drops of each chemical (known and unknown) into separate wells in the well tray. 2.…

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  • Vinegar Lab Report

    different brands of vinegar to see which is the most cost effective. Materials – • Apron • Safety Glasses • Hair Tie (If appropriate) • 50mL burette • 250mL conical flask • 2 x Beaker • Measuring Cylinder • Labels • Pencil • Standard solution of Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH(aq) • Two different brands of vinegar • Phenolphthalein Indicator • A clean white tile • Distilled water • Retort Stand • Funnel • Electronic Balance Method – Pre-Practical 1. Put on and tie up safety apron. 2. Put on safety…

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  • Difference Between Accuracy And Precision Lab Report

    Accuracy and Precision Lab Report By Connor MacFarland 10.23.2016 IBC 1 Question What is the difference between accuracy and precision and how can we demonstrate the difference? MATERIALS Pencil Notebook Paper 100 mL Graduated Cylinder 1 Gallon of water Ruler Unmarked Plastic Container 3 different kinds of Rocks of different sizes Triple Beam Balance PROCEDURE Estimating Lengths Procedure A piece of notebook paper was torn into 8 rectangles Without a ruler, a line was drawn which…

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  • Crystal Chemical Reaction Lab Report

    Haines et al., A neutron diffraction study of quartz-type FePO4: high-temperature behavior and αβ phase transition Kristallogr. 218, 193-200 (2003) Paragraph 1 Crystal chemical relationship between quartz (SiO2) and FePO4 Silicon dioxide is an oxide of silicon with the chemical formula of SiO2. SiO2 is a chemical compound most commonly found in Quartz and it has a space group of P3121. The lattice symmetry of SiO2 is tetrahedron, where there are 4 oxygen atoms covalently bonded to the silicon…

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  • Non-Scent Of Soap Essay

    The purpose of this experiment was to see if different fragrances affected a soap’s antibacterial properties. In this experiment, non-scented Alconox soap was used as the control. The experimental groups consisted of Joy lemon dishwashing soap, Dawn Escapes New Zealand Springs dishwashing soap, and the soap from the campus bathroom dispenser. The subject’s hands were washed with each of these soaps for approximately 30 seconds with each soap. The subject’s right hand was swabbed for each sample.…

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